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Luscious and palate-saturating, with notes of vanilla and spice.
Preparing notes and bibliographies in a consistent style has long been one of the less glamorous tasks of academic writing.
For example, it is okay to look at notes when you are asking them questions.
Gross notes that the decision had nothing to do with the environment.
For example, a button could be used to generate a melody from a preselected set of notes.
The liquid does not seem to form a conventional blood clot, the group notes.
All the old power and erudition were shown in the notes in which the editor sought to justify his innovations.
Tell her, such different notes make all thy harmony.
Ask them to take notes on the effects of globalization that the author cites in this article.
Margin notes are finally having a moment in the literary limelight.
Dogged to the final deadline, he also made some more-general notes about that novel's author.
Also, the article notes that the research team ultimately chose laser machining as the basis for its fabrication process.
Diamond notes that active shock absorbers have failed commercially in the past because they were too expensive.
Entirely software-based solutions would be cheapest to roll out, he notes.
That's far colder than nearly any industrial setting, she notes.
Giving a driver feedback when they are overaccelerating can markedly influence the amount of fuel they use, he notes.
Writer notes that the number of overweight people in the world outnumber the number who are hungry.
Charring the wine-poached fruit caramelizes it and softens its acidity while highlighting its floral notes.
It's a delicate yet masculine dish, full-bodied where it needs to be and with the high notes of the season.
But starting this week, he'll be taking notes on the national stage.
These notes remain fixed and the pianist goes back and forth from them to the notes in the center.
There are no notes to explain place-specific references.
He woke up, took copious notes, and returned blissfully to sleep.
In the morning, he found the notes illegible, the insight vanished.
The chart notes told me that he was being treated for persistent gastroenterological reflux.
He made notes, and initial drawings, but that is as far as he went.
People who can't make saliva, he notes, tend to have bad teeth.
From here, you customize your scent with an array of top notes, which you choose based on your mood that day.
She brings her whole sensibility to a project, and her notes come from the heart as well as from the head.
He opened with highly composed music with sparse notes, then transitioned into more percussive, spastic improvisations.
It was so exciting to go to the record shop and buy a piece of vinyl and hold it, read the liner notes, look at the pictures.

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