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Each notebook spans about four months, transcending minutiae to record the life of our times as well as her own.
He wrote down in a notebook the names of the best pool shooters in the world, and proceeded to beat them one by one.
Sales of cheaper notebook computers are already suffering.
When you find a box, open the notebook you find inside.
Be sure to bring along a notebook so you can record your observations.
The report is written on lined notebook paper and clipped into a weathered three-ring binder.
Without warning, he wrenches my notebook from my hands and shoves me against the car.
Instead of relying on your usual routine, buy a special notebook in which to carry all your pre- and post-arrival notes.
She showed us a notebook of about a hundred different plaque designs she weaves.
Hunched over a spiral notebook, she wrote page after page, a missive to the beyond.
She carried with her only a notebook and some old binoculars.
Keep a notebook of anticipated questions, and your answers.
Bring a notebook, and write down everything, especially medications.
It's easy to set up a notebook for each course you teach and collect ideas there.
At last, somebody has made available the best notebook sleeve in existence.
However, that scattered light combines with direct sunlight to make white notebook paper appear white.
Police reports told of a notebook containing two suicide notes at the scene.
The teacher's material-the remarks she makes, the examples she uses-are all printed in a loose-leaf notebook that she follows.

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