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Notation should be considered a set of instructions for performers.
There is no notation on any transcript or diploma as to whether a student was on site or not.
Alphabets, syllabaries, and raised notation systems are all forms of writing systems.
It's a new way of realizing the promise of music notation.
He has since decided that this stark notation isn't such a good idea after all.
Note the dropping of vector notation due to ultimate laziness.
His overlapping expertise in computers and music led him to devise a system of musical notation for computers.
Our students also receive a notation on their transcripts so that anyone who reads them knows they cheated.
One can try to reproduce them from existing notation or use their vocabulary to do something creative and new.
There are moments of inspired experiment and psychological empathy or an acute observation or notation.
Whenever there is a questionable notation in the reports, doctors review it further.
In modern terms, this sort of system is best described in terms of sets, using so-called set-builder notation.
Still, it is unknown whether the parietal cortex-specifically its left hemisphere-processes numeric value independent of notation.
The sequence of moves is critical to solving the cube, so the notation must capture the differences.
It's not as information-rich as standard musical notation, but it's a lot easier to follow.
Kids who can't add or multiply in their head, don't understand scientific notation, and can't isolate a variable.
The numerical and letter notation refers to the locus and chromosomal arm position, respectively.
The difficulty is almost always an unfamiliarity with the notation.
All the pieces are color-coded in bright primary colors with the standard circuit notation imprinted on top.
When material accompanies a letter, identify it in the text or in the bottom notation as an enclosure, not as an attachment.

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