notary in a sentence

Example sentences for notary

Buyers must hire a notary to complete a sale, he explained.
The buyer and seller also owe fees to the notary who handles the sale.
When you buy real estate, you need a lawyer and a notary.
You're much better off with your own agreement witnessed by a notary.
Applications for appointment as a notary public are reviewed for completeness.
All notary forms must be completed and submitted online.
Information about the notary public acknowledgment form.
As a notary, you enhance trust and confidence in matters that are vital to our state.
Description of qualifications for an applicant to become a notary public.
Information about the materials that need to be purchased after a notary public is appointed.

Famous quotes containing the word notary

Oh my swan, my drudge, my dear wooly rose, even a notary would notarize our bed as you knead me and I rise ... more
O comfort-killing night, image of hell, Dim register and notary of shame, Black stage for tragedies and mur... more
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