notarized in a sentence

Example sentences for notarized

They would need the digital equivalent of contracts and notarized statements.
If you are not the parent, you require a notarized affidavit from the parents approving the application.
Minors traveling without both parents always should carry a notarized form from the absent parent giving permission for the trip.
If one parent is unable to attend, that parent must submit a notarized statement of consent.
The notarized application must be signed under the penalties of perjury and before a notary public.
Fill out forms and have them notarized or witnessed by court clerk.
Graduates of a foreign occupational therapy programs must submit notarized copies of their transcripts.
If the personal representative is the only signature, the form must be notarized.
We also need a notarized request from the bride and groom stating that they both want to amend the marriage license.
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