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And as others will attest, brown bagging it has some serious advantages-notably when it comes to saving money.
The ritual is an outburst of color, scent and libation in a notably austere faith.
Notably absent from that list are heavily-armed flying gondolas.
The vocabulary, in particular, is notably dissimilar.
In the sonnet, he was notably more successful, and he felt himself that his best work was achieved in that form.
It is notably oppressive in the matter of criticism.
They are formidable enemies of flying insects, notably mosquitoes.
In some industries, notably car production, a rebound is plainly under way.
Borrowed money has been poured into unproductive uses, notably housing.
Even so, some technologies-notably wind power-are now becoming commercially viable.
Others, despite wealth and civil vibrancy, do notably badly.
Notably, a speculative craze has gripped the market for caterpillar fungus.
The reason is that the ash left over when coal is burned contains radioactive elements, notably uranium and thorium.
Many employers, notably in health care or education, will not consider ex-offenders.
But more than two years on, much has changed, notably the personality cult surrounding the former president.
But some people, notably scientists and tax collectors, need more precise readings of alcohol content.
Notably absent in the statement is any hint that any legalities are involved.
Bears didn't grow as large, and some came ashore notably skinnier.
Notably, school-sponsored sporting events are generally exempt.
Rattlesnakes play an important role in their ecosystems, notably by keeping rodent populations in check.
But it's still hobbled by the same problems of its predecessor, notably its location.
And those, notably junior faculty, who believe that things have gone wrong tend to stay silent.
Anxiety increases notably around the first exams or problem sets.
Preaching to the choir is not a notably brave thing to do.
Several scientists also pointed to smaller targets, notably comets and asteroids, as a high priority in new missions.
Notably, groundwater arsenic is the only naturally occurring pollution problem-and it is in ninth place.
We then ingest that food and convert it into human energy stored as glycogen in muscles and as fats-notably around our midsection.
Heroic deeds-- notably, that of a schoolteacher who died saving the emperor's picture from a fire--embellished the curriculum.
Notably missing are pinkish emission nebulae indicative of new star birth.
But he's been notably silent in this season of discontent.
He is not notably nepotistic and has not favored his ancestral village or immediate family.
Others, notably in the music industry, offer location-based applications that are more clearly useful.
Most notably, they will need to prove that physicians order the tests.
Most notably, the distance over which they could convey keys and the ability to generate individual photons have been limited.
Most notably, it discovered deposits of salts and minerals such as sulfur and silica that only form in the presence of water.
But they are not notably better, not enough to justify the extra years of education.
Most notably, once the supply of chemicals inside the battery has finished reacting, the battery goes dead.
Granted, if we're talking movies, we're talking notably attractive faces.
Its advocates, notably the hacker community, see this as a major benefit.
Most notably how she uses a lot of expressive hand motion when speaking.
Notably there are some technical similarities between the motifs represented and some designs present in symbolic cave wall art.
His tools, notably a three-pound ball-peen hammer, clanked in a greasy leather bag suspended from the handlebars.
And it has some though not all the advantages of broader single-payer systems, notably low administrative costs.
Erikson was a humanist before he became a scientist, and has remained one, in a society that is not notably humane.

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