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Many famous authors and other notable people have given speeches.
Boating, either on calm waters or the park's notable rapids, is a warm-weather activity.
Notable for color in spring and fall and for winter silhouette.
The browser itself contains everything it should with a couple of notable exceptions.
Those individuals, with the notable exception of one correspondent, were kind and helpful.
But that the council reached consensus on a fairly strong rebuke was a notable achievement.
For inspiration, check out these notable reader submissions.
Several notable scientists and mission managers will participate in the briefing.
The permanent crafted toothpick also became a notable dowry item.
Notable difference is that each long flower stalk bears a small bud more add to my plant list enlarge.
Also notable are some of the companies missing from the list.
The finding is notable because blended education has been hot lately.
But beyond the boilerplate paean to tax cuts, his speeches this week were notable for their broader perspective.
For the rest of the months, the diary reveals a notable newspaper story from your chosen year.
But the goals of the mission are not all that make this flight notable.
They're notable for hearty breakfasts but are also open for lunch and dinner.
One notable anomaly suggests that open democracy is given less weight in the index than might be expected.
Notable is the sunset scene over the antennas, which is actually the sunrise run backwards.
There are a few notable details of the feathery dinosaur.
The ruling is notable as a rare appellate interpretation of the state secrets privilege as it applies to patent holders.
The pointed wings are notable in that the outer primary is much shorter than the next one.
Any of these notable achievements were certainly worthy but didn't make the final cut.
It is also notable for the harmonious relationship between the open and built spaces, the simplicity of its design, and its size.
But that didn't stop notable developers from injecting unmistakable references to the musician into high-profile games.
More notable than the overstuffed runways is the over-driven road.
These are notable not for the absence of food, but for the kind of food available.
But although their resources are far more modest they have achieved some notable successes.
The reason those anecdotes are notable is because they're so rare--exceptions that prove the rule.
The decade after the collapse of communism was notable for the absence of any official ideology.
The other thing that's notable is that these wheels use clincher tires rather than tubular tires.
Notable for what they lack-driveways, parking lots-these hike-in chalets are backcountry comfort exemplified.
All over town, tiny green lizards hold their heads up with notable alertness.
The global eradication effort did achieve some notable successes.
Also here: notable collections of musical instruments and gold-leaf paintings.
He has already been named among the notable preachers.
The travels described in such narratives need not be historical or intrinsically notable.
The notable success of the period was made, however, by one whose work for adults was only mediocre.
The destruction of the books is particularly notable.
Both were still youthful and neither had yet achieved any notable deed.
His fertility in practical invention was no less notable.
It was, in spite of its notable artists, on an entirely different level from the epoch which had preceded it.
Notable storms by types, when they occurred, trends.
But other countries can claim notable improvement in the past two decades.
It is notable that when students are given more choices, they usually respond to them positively.
Notable authors throughout history have compressed the years-long hardship of novel-writing into a few weeks-or even days.
We ponder the mystery of why game adaptations of popular licenses tend to suck, with a few notable exceptions.
Anything that can green up the operating efficiencies of new shipping by double-digit percentages would be a notable contribution.
This, too, is notable and will likely be underreported this weekend.
There are notable cons: something may be new or undiscovered, but it may not necessarily be good.
The trial was notable for the details it revealed about the marijuana-growing operation, but the outcome never seemed in doubt.
But his crowds are notable for the air of resignation among those who come out to see him.
Now two prominent commercial space companies have announced plans for reusable launch vehicles, and their progress is notable.
Testing has also shown that the discs can withstand hundreds of impacts without notable degradation in performance.
Not to mention the notable reliability of their chemicals and pharmaceuticals.
There are some notable exceptions but blogging is primarily a marketing platform.
The author's reply is a notable exception--good work.
What was notable in all the writing, above and beyond a mastery of language and of storytelling, was a palpable sense of ambition.
Lavishly talented as both a storyteller and a prose stylist, he is notable for his skill and his fertility.
Fiery and fruity, it's notable for the subtle balance of spice and citrus, and the impeccable quality of the fish.
He gave a fiercely accurate performance, achieving a sound of notable strength and weight.
All are notable for their sinuous line and their exquisitely balanced composition.
McLaughlin had kept a list of notable events during the invasion.
Describes a number of notable stories and fashion spreads that have appeared in the magazine.
And along with some provocative steps, he has also made notable efforts toward reconciliation.
In the midst of the ongoing controversy, scientists have made notable progress in understanding autism.
When you have no prior information, adding one data point is notable.
And recently, after a dry spell, they've had some notable success.
Nevertheless, this year has seen two notable breakthroughs.
To be sure, there are among the rich a number of notable individuals who are exceptions to the rule.
The second jury trial begins with some notable differences.

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