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Experts say it's probably not the mattress that keeps you up at night.
Money can bring you happiness, studies show, but not as much as you might think.
Of course, if not done completely, the result is trans fat.
Also weird is that while borrowing from one language to another is common, borrowing grammar is not nearly as common.
In today's polarized climate, it is not uncommon to hear opposition to anything labeled climate-friendly or green.
Not likely, but keep it in the back of your head as possible cause.
Growing underground, tubers are not limited by the rest of the plant.
Synthetic herbicides are not recommended for food gardens.
It's quite another to insist that it's not even a war.
But the headlines about the study did not always reflect that.
And it may have been driven not by the environment but by something else entirely.
He had tinkered with it long enough to think it might not be totally unreliable.
Is hardy to extreme cold and does not grow more add to my plant list.
Not all contemporary artists are enjoying a surge in the value of their work.
All ears are not created equal, a new report suggests, even two on the same head.
And natives are not immune to disease or pests, of course.
They're not identical, but there's no sign of genetic differences large enough to explain clan differences.
One failed solar company does not mean the entire clean energy industry is doomed.
The kit identification number you have entered is not recognized by the database.
Also, make sure your leaves come from vines that have not been sprayed with pesticides.
As long as you're careful not to spill, the computer can get you a great culinary education.
If you're not changing paint formulas or making a dramatic color shift and you're using quality paint, not much.
It sparkled and did not move, so it couldn't be a comet.
It can be pruned to suit and is not at all fussy about growing conditions.
With a small brush, paint back sides of leaves almost but not quite to edges with melted semisweet or bittersweet chocolate.
It's not that the log house and studio aren't handsome.
After examining the patient, the doctors concurred that it was not possible to remove the bullet.
The brine also attracts the delicate, not the bitter, flavors of smoldering wood chips.
Access to reading books has not been a serious problem in this country for many years.
Don't cut into bare wood beyond leaves-plant may not send out new growth.
They're spread out enough to give you privacy but not so much that it's a long schlep from the car.
Determined that dying languages not be lost forever, researchers are traveling the world to interview the last speakers.
But it's not healthy, and it certainly isn't pretty.
The more we're told not to do something, the more irresistible it becomes.
But it is still not easy to make something memorable.
But not many people have gotten to wear the famous jewel.
Eagerness to treat animals kindly does not justify imposing one's hopes and dreams for them on human beings.
Not everyone has the room or time for a big edible garden.
It is not only about how healthy the food is but how much you are eating as well.
The chief of police has a memorable way of demonstrating that he's not afraid of the drug smugglers.
Appropriating the words of others is not a moral or philosophical transgression.
Rugged as the town was, the name referred not to tombstones but to the slabs of rough wood used in building construction.
Normally, wine tasting does not make me think of this movie.
But some crops, such as corn and pumpkins, may not be worth the effort.
It's not that such a moment, one that transforms an afternoon walk into a lifelong memory, couldn't happen in another town.
Labor sweats to create-and turns out devices to level not only mountains but also cities.
Certainly the word is not likely to appear in our appreciations of living or dead writers.
The wisest princes need not think it any diminution to their greatness, or derogation to their sufficiency, to rely upon counsel.
It should not stop you from savoring a stunning performance.
Not through the melting of the permafrost to release methane.
They do not see politics as the art of the possible.
It's not a happy story in which virtue is rewarded and vice punished.
Design innovations caught upon by individuals are therefore often not transmitted to the next generation, he added.
Not only do these insects apparently taste good, but they're an inexpensive and nutritious food source.
Our results do not mean that air conditioning or clean water was irrelevant.
But while the risks of a more sustained slowdown have increased, they should not be exaggerated.
It does not suggest the underlying economy has suddenly picked up momentum.
They used few abbreviations, acronyms and emoticons, the spelling was reasonably good and contractions were not ubiquitous.
The company hired a model to show off the notebook, but did not turn it on, offer any specifications or allow anyone to touch it.
They don't always win, and they may well not win here either.
If dining a la carte at the tech buffet is not your idea of a square meal, then skip it.
They have not by and large contributed to the scholarly advancement of their proclaimed field.
They do not have to obsess about whether some professor really likes them.
Which means that your purple mouthed cry-juice might not be good for your heart after all.
Needless to say, the center is not promoting conservatism.
Indeed, my dean's views on grading allows me to grade fairly in ways that many other folks are not free to do.
It is easy to see when someone is talking too much, but it might be helpful to think of it as not listening enough.
There would be no page charges or anything of that nature so it's not some money-making scam.
Not only may the cure not actually cure the disease, but in some cases the cure could actually be worse than the disease.
The incongruity of a gas station being hailed as green is not strictly the fault of its architecture.
The consequences of such breaches in confidence can be disastrous, and not only for a relationship.
Results showed that when viewing the painful needle sticking, the physicians did not even show the early empathy response.
It's not a whole lot better to be conscious as someone else entirely.
The fault lies not in ourselves but in the faults.
Why the brain believes something is real when it is not.
Severe mental illness alone is not generally enough to cause violent behavior.
Why so many people choose not to believe what scientists say.
From climate change to herbicide pollution, it's not easy being an amphibian.
Essentially, the brain did not evolve for culture, but culture evolved to be learnable by the brain.
But the effect was not there for the atypical couples.
No, it's not the economy, global warming or the sitcom industry.
The genus and species names are italicized according to scientific convention, but group names above the genus level are not.
It's not easy to think happy thoughts this time of year.
The idea that our ancestors mated with other species may not be too shocking.
Critics of such arguments have pointed out that these problems are not necessarily unique to primates.
His first prediction concerned the future of concrete architecture-a topic that, for him, was not purely academic.
Only a few of the crustaceans have been sequenced previously, and a lot of them have probably not been described yet.
But it's not clear how this would affect marine life or if it would even work on the scale needed to make a difference.
There is not a boardroom in the country where he would look or feel out of place.
It's not clear whether this is good or bad for our trade deficit.
Eight and a half grueling years later, the deeply unpopular conflict is set to end with a whimper, not a bang.
That's not to say that there hasn't been plenty of economic pain.
But that pain has come from the recession itself, not the cure.
Not all appearances of name-brand items in movies result from product placement.
GM was expected to pay back its debt early, but not this soon.
Books used to be tied down with chains, but not for the reason you think.
There is no longer any doubt-not that there ever truly was.
Please do not use the fire extinguisher unless there is no water in the toilets.
It is not a distinguished venue for statesmen or their surrogates to spend their time in.
But the truth is that, from the perspective of the economy as a whole, small companies are not the real drivers of growth.
Odd as that may sound, it's actually not a crackpot concept.
These mistakes have been undeniably costly, but they're not the whole story.
It is not only the crises of global moment that shred the nerves.
Not all stock needs to be a time-consuming or even deliberate process.
We're not suggesting that this recipe has salutary effects, but it is delicious.
Molecular gastronomy, whimsically interesting though it may be, does not equal molecular satisfaction.
Gourmet's travel editor thinks hotel d├ęcor should not be hazardous to your health.
Summer's not the only time to pickle and preserve in-season ingredients.
But these are the icings and the toppings and finishes of culture, not culture itself.
But people will not abandon social media, nor will privacy disappear.
Although the speed of light is does not depend on the the frame of reference, the time of flight does.
Ordinary resonant effects are not powerful enough to do do this kind of damage but nonlinear resonances can.
Although galactic in scale, it is clearly not a galaxy because it does not contain any stars.
Moreover, they did not display their parents' susceptibility to cancer and diabetes and lived to a spry old age.
If you've spotted the flaw in this argument, you're not alone.
Not for a company or a government and not on a large scale.
It seems the problem is the deer, not the honeysuckle.
Heavy boards make interview candidates seem more serious but not more sociable.
That's not a reflection on the quality of their writing.
History is difficult to shake off, and lost potential is not easily regained.
It's not clear whether the same is true for other birds.
The jumping spider not only tolerates blurry images, it deliberately produces them.
The song comes not from the birds' mouths, but from their tails.
The two species in question are not each other's closest relatives.
It's not available because if you try it, you will die.
Some perceived limits to our material world may not be limits at all.
While the odds may not be in favor of these actors in the arena, they certainly were in the casting room.
They're not kids anymore, but they're not adults either.
What's more, the calories you consume stick around, since you're not doing much to burn them off.
Where military intelligence is not a contradiction in terms.
It's not that the housing market has suddenly gotten sick and needs medicine.
If you do not receive the verification email within a few minutes, please check your spam filter or junk email folder.
While not all of this excess food is edible, much of it is and could be going to those who need it.
And what they are seeking is information, not more slogans.
Though the situation is often described as a problem of inequality, this is not quite the real concern.
Napoleon made sure that it was not available to private users.
To correct in full all his misstatements will require a small book, not a humble letter to the editors.

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