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Great idea provided you have enough power and time to fight back nosy deans or academic affairs.
Among its advantages are strict libel laws, which mean nosy journalists risk long, costly legal battles.
It could also let a nosy citizen with enough cash find out if the mayor is having an affair, he says.
It's odd that society has become simultaneously more isolated and more nosy.
For once, all the nosy parents at the park are going to grill you about your stroller instead of the kids riding inside it.
And he begins squiring her for walks along the local lanes, to the chagrin of the nosy townsfolk.
So you put your computer to sleep and want to protect it from would be thieves or nosy co-workers.
But many of us fail to realize how nosy others are about us.
Dad bludgeoned the nosy neighbor lady with a blender.
Be involved, interested and maybe even nosy when it comes to book choices.
They found an easy story following up on nosy neighborhood gossip.
Of course, executing the plan leads to the nosy imposition of practical realities.
As she fends off nosy wizards and helps out hysterical princesses, she makes a firm place for herself in the dragon world.

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