nostril in a sentence

Example sentences for nostril

Do the same at the tip and nostril of your nose and behold, no sound and no sense.
Digital also offers predictive control: you can know exactly how his head will shatter, down to each jettisoned nostril.
Without my permission, she pierced her nose and now has a small stud in her nostril.
As you walk in, one approaches with an eyebrow raised and nose aloft to give you the benefit of full-frontal froggy nostril.
Try to catch the discharge outside the nostril on a tissue or swab.
By the fourth, there was blood trickling from his left nostril.
Mucus from the other nostril should be collected the same way.

Famous quotes containing the word nostril

You could not hate the cannibal they wrote Of, with the nostril bone-thrust, who could dote On boiled or ro... more
Rammed me in with foul shirts and smocks, socks, foul stockings, greasy napkins, that, Master Brook, there was the ranke... more
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