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Example sentences for nostalgic

But a growing number of photographers are feeling nostalgic for the days of film.
My nostalgic emotional attachment made this a powerful and persistent model.
His dad is nostalgic.
It was very nostalgic and slightly wistful, all being back together.
Sondheim's music comes in two flavors -- nostalgic and cinematic.
Instructors need to get with the program and stop waxing nostalgic for a past era.
That is why cities are prime objects of nostalgia in our very nostalgic age.
Some of the available colors are nostalgic.
That picture of a glowing past and diminished present is more than a touch nostalgic.
The packaging itself truly tugs at those nostalgic heartstrings with its unique throwback design.
Anniversaries are one of the few occasions at which a nostalgic impulse should be left to roam unfettered.
Some readers will think this is sentimental, nostalgic nonsense.
The program had nostalgic appeal but was also behind schedule and over budget.
The original fans may have aged, but will likely tune in for nostalgic reasons.
There's something delightful about these artists' mix of futuristic and nostalgic.
And his bug collecting could easily be misinterpreted as a mere enthusiasm, a nostalgic return to the field.
Artists want to transport themselves, and the listener, for nostalgic reasons-or to provide historical resonance.
The stadium is the oldest in major league baseball, offering a nostalgic experience.
The voice-acting, on the other hand, is pure nostalgic gold.
He embeds images of startling newness in familiar phrases and warm, nostalgic images.
It is bland as can be-closet comfort for those of us who sometimes wax nostalgic for school lunch.
Indeed, this overelaborate appendage seems a nostalgic bid to recapture the brashness of his breakthrough commission.
Little by little, the festival developed its rituals, with a community spirit that might make us feel almost nostalgic.
Writers have smaller leeway to feed off our nostalgic affections.
She was an occasional contributor to these pages, and her lively, nostalgic prose always met with great approval from readers.
Concerns about the school's evolution aren't limited to nostalgic alumni.
Waxing nostalgic about this decade is going to be tough.
Invariably, my interlocutors would grow misty-eyed and nostalgic.
These nostalgic photos demonstrate the results of properly-spent funds in the manifestation of a worthy cause.
As for my bag, they really did make me a bit nostalgic.
Some narratives contain startling descriptions of cruelty while others convey an almost nostalgic view of plantation life.
Our community maintains a nostalgic connection to that era.
The imagery is less nostalgic and sympathetic than it appears.
The byway provides a glimpse into this remarkable geology, history and a nostalgic rural lifestyle.
But his artwork is much more than waxing nostalgic on our nation's values.
Here's a little nostalgic trivia to start the sweeps.
Wine lovers wax nostalgic about great vintage years.
Instead it, and the nostalgic neon sign on the roof, were declared historic and restored.
Though, the colonial-style lobby and grand staircase retain the hotel's nostalgic charm.
Some in the business world are starting to feel nostalgic for earlier governments they think were better at getting things done.
But there is nothing wistful or nostalgic in her defence of modern design.

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