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He dismissed nostalgia and sentimentality to focus strictly on music itself.
If you move frequently enough, you'll lose the nostalgia soon enough.
Behind the nostalgia lies growing inequality.
Students and nostalgia buffs will treasure his book, for different reasons.
It actually brought tears of nostalgia to my eyes.
The tenderness and nostalgia with which the singer invests the material are guaranteed to pay off in many spins and plays.
It's a largely enjoyable nostalgia, but nostalgia nonetheless.
Just because it's old doesn't mean it's nostalgia.
Well, false nostalgia is one of the hallmarks of our society
It was this nostalgia that sent me on a short and nearly fruitless search for the original theatrical release to show the kids.
From the bar to the back booths, nostalgia is on the rise in trend-setting restaurants.
Call it nostalgia for times gone by, or for times that might never have been exactly as grand as people would paint them.
Nostalgia for things dies out with each successive generation.
Perhaps it's nostalgia for my journalistic apprenticeship as a police reporter that draws me to such publications.
Nostalgia seems to be a popular subject among psychologists at the moment.
Even thieves, participants recall with nostalgia, called a moratorium on stealing.
Places with this much of a story can find themselves in the nostalgia business for decades longer than the food warrants.
Nostalgia fans, and anyone else who appreciates great electronic journalism, take note.
As you can imagine, the combined might of the property's legacy and personal nostalgia tends to complicate matters significantly.
It's easy to cast a long shadow of nostalgia across your geeky past, now that you are standing taller.
But for all the fervour that these answers suggest, belief in a world religion does not exclude nostalgia for older ways.
There is a vague hint of nostalgia for the days of a restricted franchise.
The legacy of two lost decades has left voters with little nostalgia for old habits.
More recently it has produced a prosperous nostalgia industry.
Our obsession with musical nostalgia is strangling pop.
In the world of politics, nostalgia is a kind of quitting.
Off the tourist track the last group stews in nostalgia and resentment.
The film is an utter delight, a tidal surge of joyful nostalgia cunningly repackaged and updated.
And so the immediacy of the music is blurred by our own soft-focus nostalgia for a lost world.
It gives the lie to nostalgia, whether for left-wing or right-wing or feel-good politics.
The postwar housewife era, whether one views it with horror or nostalgia, was short-lived.
One of the characters talks about feeling nostalgia for some time they never lived.
There are, of course, plenty of displaced people who suffer from nostalgia for the food they ate when they were growing up.
His nostalgia is touching, but shouldn't affect our policy judgments.
As a result, oysters today are mainly a nostalgia food, rarely eaten at home but served in restaurants.
The nostalgia is for an imagined past, not a real one.
But it was also nostalgia for what was about to be lost forever.
She used divorce again and again in her fiction, even sometimes seeming to entertain a certain moral nostalgia for its rigors.
But perhaps it's all a case of nostalgia for the days of silent movies.
The cuteness craze may represent a nostalgia for a lost world.
But almost nobody has acknowledged the shtick, or the nostalgia, or the foot stamping of these old guys.
It derives from a strange bit of nostalgia: the words.
She looks at tradition with a lot of nostalgia and warmth, without loosing sight of the evils that it nurtured.
There's a lot of nostalgia in and around this fire hall.
He always includes original songs and humorous material, adding a touch of nostalgia and good ole fashion patriotism.
She doesn't care about the faux-progressive ingredients, the added value, the canned nostalgia or the need for speed.

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