nosing in a sentence

Example sentences for nosing

Those techniques have a harder time distinguishing among some molecules and nosing out chemicals at low concentrations.
Imagine the plane climbing into a loop, and then nosing over and returning upside down, all with a gently curved flight path.
Please send in any brown-nosing from media journalists.
Other elephants crowded around, nosing him with their trunks.
Groups split up, players nosing their way toward different corners of the map.
However, behaviors such as agonistic interactions and belly nosing did occur in the housing systems, albeit at a much lower rate.
Overall dimensions of treads, risers and nosing shall be as shown in the plans.
Where measurement includes stairs, the measurement shall be taken in the plane of the tread nosing.
All work will require placement of protective sealant and installation of government furnished stair nosing.

Famous quotes containing the word nosing

O to break loose, like the chinook salmon jumping and falling back, nosing up to the impossible stone and b... more
It is true that the rivers went nosing like swine, Tugging at banks, until they seemed Bland belly-sounds i... more
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