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Now researchers are building an electronic nose that could help physicians detect the disease during its initial stages.
Its nose contained turbinates, curled pieces of bone that support the cells needed to detect airborne scents.
She's also increasingly paying through the nose for the privilege.
He indicated his choice by pressing one of two targets within the box, using his nose.
Your tongue alone can identify some flavors, but your nose helps with the rest.
Sneeze: to make a sudden violent spasmodic audible expiration of breath through the nose and mouth, especially as a reflex act.
If you're paying attention, there can be an awful lot of information encoded in a series of nose sniffs.
Her nose takes her wherever she likes, but always comes when called.
Scientists are working on an electronic nose that sniffs out nasty bacteria in blood samples.
The nose also has a certain social status, as in nose jobs or cocaine.
But he cannot stop military police rounding up people under his nose.
Wood smoke from backyard fire pits can cause health problems such as burning eyes, runny nose and bronchitis.
The animal's pink nose distinguishes it from other small, brownish bats.
For unimpeded consumption, breathe carefully through your nose while you gorge.
It was a cold day, and when she blew her nose and tossed the tissue into an automatic-flush.
Slowly, the wonder ship's nose dipped into the water.
Our revised view of the dynamics was that blocking air from the elevator is what caused the nose to drop.
Braid the remaining loose ends together and twist them tightly with needle nose pliers.
The businessman's head is a bleach bottle, upside down, with wine-cork eyes and spectacles perched on a pointy nose.
The size of the broad bridge of the nose between the eyes is the same.
His broad face, with its flat nose and tiny eyes, was recognized everywhere.
Not only does it cause your subject to squint, but it also creates dark shadows under the nose and chin.
Most people know the right way to stop a nosebleed: lean the head back and apply pressure to the nose.
Not if the face you're looking at has a hairy wart on the tip of its nose.
Initially, the lightning will attach to an extremity such as the nose or wing tip.
Multiple attempts were made and each time the kite would spiral erratically and then nose dive.
He dips his nose into a cup containing food and munches contentedly, nose twitching.
Bitter hops explode from it, perfuming your mouth and nose in little aromatic puffs.
With a short rocket, you need a lot of nose weight to shift the balance point forward.
He is wicked smart, a lucid writer, and has a good nose for interesting topics.
Imagine knowing you'll be too sick to go to work, before the faintest hint of a runny nose or a sore throat.
But, you'll be cutting off your nose to spite your face.
Even before they've hatched, red-eyed tree frogs have a nose for danger.
At high speed, the nose deflects water away from the surfaces of the vessel.
The other two have it on the nose but make sure the editor knows what you changed.
My pharmacist says that's normal due to using a nasal spray, as the nose contains pretty delicate veins.
Some anti-bacterial gel to clean your hands after wiping your nose.
These days he has a political vision-and a business nose to match.
The best painter in the world, as he was often said to be, seemed intent on rubbing the world's nose in human ugliness.
They are both wearing masks: hers has cavernous eyeholes and a protuberant nose, while his has a long, sad nose.
Paint on a brown nose and whiskers and practice your roar.
And if that's not disturbing enough for ya, the leech with teeth was actually discovered up some dude's nose.
Another wolf sinks its teeth into the moose's bulbous nose.
Diving the nose down and then pulling it up, he really revved the engines.
One of mine missed three days last year and returned with a broken nose.
Unlike his rivals, he has some charisma and a nose for the popular mood.
The wheels dug in, and the plane tipped onto its nose.
Three-foot-long upright plant and grub eater with a soft, doglike nose pointing forward.
Imagine you stick a pencil straight into the bridge of your nose between your eyes.
My hair lip goes right up through the bulb of my nose.
Frog toxins engage the nose and make them thoroughly unappetizing to humans, and presumably predators as well.
Ice builds up in flight on the frontal surfaces: leading edge of the wings, the nose and the tail surfaces.
My dark chocolate skin and my bold jaw line complimented my broad nose and my full lips.
So they had to cut a hole in the ceiling to get the rocket's nose to fit.
She has full lips, long lashes, and a slightly upturned nose.
His suits were well-tailored, his hair marcelled, his nose shaped by plastic surgery.
Get your nose right up to the surface of the cup, take a spoon, and push it down through the cap to break it up.
The fat levels of the subjects who tasted while wearing nose plugs rose a similar amount.
With hawk's bells and beads he made their acquaintance and found some of them wearing gold nose plugs.
It's funny, when you start winning them, you don't tend to turn up your nose at them quite so much.
The upper lip is completed and the nose is more prominent.
The numerous communications exist between this sinus and the veins of the nose, scalp, and diploƫ.
The maxillary sinus presents the appearance of a furrow on the lateral wall of the nose.
These branches also supply the small muscles of the nose.
She sprinkled her with the juices of aconite, and immediately her hair came off, and her nose and ears likewise.
In the third grade he had put two crayons up his nose, pretend tusks.
Without my permission, she pierced her nose and now has a small stud in her nostril.
Approval ratings had nose-dived, and even stalwart friends of the administration were demanding action.
When you drink beer from a can, your nose is buried in the aluminum can.
All you had to do was keep your head down and your nose clean.
Once they have done that, they have him safely by the nose.
Shown here is the nose of the shuttle, which still is attached to the external tank and solid rocket boosters.
Rhinitis is a catch-all term for irritation, swelling, or congestion in the nose.
Without warning, the stick smacks the bridge of my nose.
Wearing thick spectacles that keep sliding down his nose, he doesn't fit the image of a would-be rebel leader.
Within six weeks it had collapsed, and she was back in surgery again to fix what turned out to be a botched nose job.
Irritative sneezing may also be caused or aggravated by hairs in the nose, nasal polyps or a deviated septum.
He does so and soon appears with a presentable nose.
Air hissed through his pursed lips and through the clear plastic tubing into his nose.
It may also be a complete split in the lip that goes all the way to the base of the nose.
As the nose pointed higher, a higher speed was required to keep flying.
That's because our bodies give off complex aromas, some too faint for a human nose.
Then it promptly nose-dived, never to see that level again.
Focus on a subject's pupil, for example, and not only will their nose be out-of-focus but so will the edge of the eye itself.
The robot has a sensor on its head, a mic in its nose and sensors all around its belly.
The switch to a puree is likely more apparent to the nose than to the tongue.
There, he shook hands with the crew and underwent a physical exam, which determined that he had only suffered a bruised nose.
Parked nose to the curb, three will fit in a single space.
Far better than holding a paperback close to my nose.
As you can see from the video, it came within a few feet of touching its nose to the ground.
Players from both teams gather nose-to-nose for possible brawl.
For decades, scientists have been interested in imitating the way in which the nose detects compounds.
One reason why people describe smells differently is a weakness of the nose.
It might also find a use in other trades that require a good nose.
Ideally, the government would keep their nose out of the overhead bin.
His turned-up nose once annoyed him so much that for a while he slept with a peg on it.
It could also be used to fine-tune an electronic nose, if such a device were to be used at the site of a disaster.
But it also has a legitimate interest in not having the government stick its nose too far into the private sphere.
But a policy of pinching one's nose and engaging with malodorous regimes has its merits.
He lost his nose, one hand and all of his remaining fingers to frostbite.
More irritated as their pr puff has swollen along with the price while the quality of writing has nose-dived.
Although many a modern human nose can be described as a schnoz, there is great variety in their sizes and shapes.
Most lemurs have a thin body, a pointy nose, and big eyes.
Here, two females go nose-to-nose over a disputed bit of territory in a crowded rookery.
From above the water's surface, the animal's nose and nostrils are often the only thing visible.
Inhaling these particulates can cause irritation of the eyes, nose, and throat.
He can sleep in his cabin, a suite in the nose of the plane with a shower and two daybeds.
She opens a vial and wafts its malodorous brew toward my nose.
She had round brown eyes, a broad little nose, and skin the color of milk chocolate.
He had chubby cheeks and a jack-o'-lantern's triangular nose.
It was the first thing he'd taught them: breathe in through the navel, out through the nose.
Scientists have long been interested in the relation between a nose's form and its function.
So you pop a thermometer in your mouth and try to breathe through your nose to get an accurate reading.
To demonstrate this phenomenon for yourself, hold your nose and place a strawberry jelly bean in your mouth and chew.
In addition, humans breathe through their mouth or nose and the brain controls that critical function, so breathing would stop.
Three are similar to human responses: the eyes close and the area around them tightens, and the nose and cheeks bulge.
Measles causes symptoms including an extremely itchy rash, high fever, runny nose and red eyes.
To see whether he'd enjoy going into medicine, he spent time observing an ear, nose and throat surgeon.
First, they drew simple images of facial features-dots for eyes, slashes for nose and mouth.
Eyes close and squint, nose bulges, cheeks bulge and mice also pull back their little round ears and move their whiskers.
Do not forget the tiny little slits for the mouth, does not matter above or below the nose holes.
Do the same at the tip and nostril of your nose and behold, no sound and no sense.
People's faces are not flat but beautifully angled with the nose coming out and cheeks rising up.
And if you spray it in your nose you can optimize your nasal defenses.
Why not say if they have a nose or if they don't have a nose.
For truly healthy, try a pot of ginger peppermint tea, which aids digestion and clears the nose.
My nose and my eyes overrule the rational side of my brain.
Even if your nose can't get to the good side of cilantro, it's possible to learn to appreciate it.
Yet another idea is place the radio antenna in the nose spike so that it sticks out beyond the plasma.
The authorities cut off their own nose to spite their face.
Then she paints shadows around the eyes and sides of the face, and under the nose and chin.
For years, researchers have tried to engineer a device that is as sensitive as a dog's nose but haven't even come close.
Her nose was as long as an anteater's, and her wide mouth as jarring to the eye as a raw red scar on her olive skin.
He had tired eyes and graying hair and a nose that looked deflated.
Blood flowed from the ears and in many cases blood truly gushed from the nose.
The other had blood in its mouth and nose but no other external injuries.
There they can be picked up on hands and transmitted to the eyes, nose and mouth-easy paths to infecting new hosts.
And if you've got a sensitive nose it's really going to irritate you.
Twenty minutes later, his nose was running and he had a cough.
The ability to get things done is more important than the ability to keep the nose to the grindstone at all times.
The only difference between religion as practiced today and dancing around a fire with a bone in your nose is cultural context.
As you walk in, one approaches with an eyebrow raised and nose aloft to give you the benefit of full-frontal froggy nostril.
She put a clothespin on her nose and worked to bring her voice down a register, to achieve clarity and depth.
The cameramen didn't know what to make of her irregular features-her nose was too long, her hips too wide.
She was advised to get a nose job and lose weight, but she refused.
She sticks out her tongue a little, and he comes in and meets her tongue with his, but he overshoots the mark and bends her nose.
Noxious fumes would be introduced to his room causing his eyes and nose to run.
The nose pushes in sweeping corners, but the tail breaks free soon after, allowing the driver to manage the car's rotation.
One, you actually use more of cheaper variety and two, your nose and tush can tell the difference.
She has a roller coaster of a nose, unraveled hair, and sandal straps that look as if they're devouring her legs.
If white-nose syndrome attacked a cuter species, we'd be all over it.
Eli grabs birth-order theory by the nose in his quest for football greatness.
Perhaps the church should keep its nose out of legal contracts.
We think mouth-to-nose breathing may be more efficient and easier to do.

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