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Their diffuse messages are not evidence of a lack of understanding, nor of an emphasis on anarchism.
Nor has she ever been obnoxiously offensive either diplomatically or morally.
Do not become righteous overmuch, nor show yourself excessively wise.
Nor had dispersants been previously deployed in the volumes needed in the gulf.
Jobs was neither a hardware engineer nor a software programmer, nor did he think of himself as a manager.
Not a single professor rose to question those decisions, nor did anyone seem to give a thought to how their students would pay.
Nor is it possible to establish the impact of migration on overall growth.
Nor was another idea, to build reservoirs on the tributaries to hold back the water.
Some trees do not disperse well: not many birds or animals carry their seeds far from the tree, nor does the wind.
The best picnic is the one at which neither kids nor grown-ups are exhausted from cooking and cleaning up.
Most of the cells in your body are not your own, nor are they even human.
Nor do they react to the distress shown by other people.
Their members are neither rich nor poor but somewhere in-between.
No such thing exists, neither in the smallest known quanta, nor the visible universe.
Nor did they have much of a lasting impact on the island, other than to give it its name.
Nor was there substantial change in students' persistence in or completion of developmental reading.
The welfare bill is neither as objectionable as its critics depict it nor as uncontroversial as its supporters would have it.
The fishing spider needs neither rod nor reel to lure in tadpoles, fish, or frogs.
But wolves neither behave nor misbehave-they try to survive wherever they happen to be.
Nor will the selection process be made public, in order to prevent candidates from prepping.
Dioxin was neither suspected nor expected, but was found inadvertently.
Unfortunately, today such involvement is neither widespread nor growing.
Nor do they yet think they have stabilised the property market.
They are neither chameleons nor dragons, but are a type of lizard called an agamid.
It seems that the world has finally discovered that the traditional camera strap is neither comfortable nor practical.
Neither my case nor my critics seemed all that unusual.
Nor did they allow the yuan to strengthen against the dollar until last month.
Nor are environmentalists, wildlife groups, and even government agencies.
Nor did it appeal to my sense of adventure and exploration.
Nor does it include the lost limbs and emotional suffering that are a part of every war.
Nor does anyone in the private sector seem at all impressed with my experience in injecting dopaminergic agents into rats.
The radicals of the anti-war movement did not take to him, however, nor he to them.
It's dustproof, so neither beach nor desert will damage it.
They are neither little people nor dogs nor something in between, and they do not prosper if kept in the human world.
Nor do paleontologists worry themselves about finding spiritual lessons from the life of the past.
Technology is not the seed of these protests, nor is it even the sunlight.
But their leaders say they have seen none of the promised compensation for giving up mining nor investment in alternative jobs.
Most pubs do not require reservations nor do they expect you to wait to be seated.
They do not have the skills, nor health, necessary to survive much longer.
He neither rose from poverty nor went off the deep end through drink or craziness.
Nor would many greens have put so much of our limited renewable energy funding into corn-based ethanol.
But no one is sure where the limits lie, nor how painful the ultimate adjustment will be.
Neither nuclear energy nor alternative sources such as wind and solar seem likely to meet the demand for electricity.
Not a rocket with its boosters on full blast nor a photon of light.
Nor are professional photographers who earn more than half of their income taking pictures.
Nor can it find enemies below who might be expecting paratroopers.
Nor did she quote a single student or a single resident of the target neighborhood she visited.
Nor are people in those countries well placed to adapt to change.
Nor are researchers sure how snow crystals impact global climate.
The brain region was not larger in absolute terms, nor were the brains themselves larger.
It's neither difficult nor prohibitively expensive nor dangerous to swab a cervix or perform a mammogram.
There is no diminishment in the amount of water, nor is there any contamination of the downstream water.
In fact, it is neither an underdeveloped melon nor the freakish product of a mad scientist.
She reports that her smile has never been so radiant, nor her legs so smooth and relaxed.
Neither rain, nor sleet, nor madness will keep us from being tourists.
He neither loves nor hates the city but could not live as happily anywhere else, he told me over dinner, and intends to die there.
Neither student nor professor dared hazard a guess as to why.
Neither males nor females are monogamous, both mating with multiple members of the group.
Nor has this latest delay been the only setback of the summer.
Nor could local congregations impose civil penalties on anyone who violated secular law.
Slime moulds are unusual critters-neither animal, nor plant nor fungus.
Nor did they display serious distress, although some did feel sad for a short time.
No words could describe either the beauty of the place, nor the profound sadness of the moment.
Nor has there been much sign of rejoicing in those countries whose currencies have tended to strengthen.
Freedom does not mean inflict damage, not on yourself nor onto someone else.
Careless, you might think, that neither board nor regulator had checked before.
Nor were there any paradigm-shifting business plans or splashy announcements.
Neither funding agencies nor peer reviewers nor conference audiences will always agree.
It would be ideal to find an inexpensive self-treatment that has almost no side effects, nor risks.
The biggest threat to personal computing is neither spam nor viruses.
We can't trade without war, nor make war without trade.
In yet another region a clump of dark matter sits alone, with neither galaxies nor gas.
Among both kids and adults, neither region nor gender made much difference.
Nor is this process simply a matter of scribing data into neural tissue.
Many of the volunteers don't have or need a background in audio production, nor do they have professional recording equipment.
But it is neither cautious nor transparent, qualities that investors are likely to prize in coming months.
They are not reasonable nor are they care much about the social and environmental consequences of their actions.
Nor was he the only paleontologist to describe his thoughts about the fossil record in verse.
The specs themselves are neither shaming nor exciting.
Nor do they account for the depreciation of money over time.
There are neither the optical effects of varying focal lengths nor the full quality, since only part of the pixels have been used.
Nor have the legions of physicists who pursue string theory been able to find a mathematically unique version of it.
Sweetbreads are neither sweet nor bread, but rather a type of animal gland.
Nor do you experience the nonstop scoring experienced during pro basketball.
Sorry, but this unfortunately this graphic is neither clever nor outstanding.
Denying lifesaving treatments to the poor and elderly would be neither ethical nor politically popular.
Nor will it be able to cut interest rates to aid its debt-laden households and businesses.
Once entered, a life membership is not transferable, nor is the fee refundable.
Neither the patients nor the doctors knew which medication subjects took.
But then it changed its mind, saying that neither parliament nor the voters had had time to look at the small print.
Do not tell me that all religions are bad to the addition of science, nor tell me that science is bad for all religion.
Nor does it appear likely that the owner-managed butchers are about to go out of business.
He used neither his arms nor his legs but, reportedly, his teeth.
Yet, it is not the author's fun nor the books' importance that concern me here.
We had no connection whatsoever to any of the research reviewed in this study, nor the funding sources for it.
The thing is, this does not tell you the nature of the particles you see, nor does it tell you the source of them.
The study was designed so that neither patients nor care providers knew which group received probiotics.
Nor does their education level correlate with their box office earnings.
Nor is it clear how neurons in the brain's visual pathways manage the trick.
Genius and creative thinking are neither encouraged by nor appreciated in such an environment.
Neither infinitesimal time nor infinitesimal space is possible.
No solution will be perfect, nor will any solve the problems of all energy sectors.
Neither proteins nor sugars have a characteristic smell of their own.
Concept wise neither electric car nor regenerative braking are new.
Nor does the concept rule out the need for some pesticides.
In neither the left nor right eye image is there any recognizable contour or form-at all.
Nor is it a conspiracy when people are told they'll be sacked if they don't tow the party line.
Again, there was neither conscious verbal nor numerical thought here, merely shifting muscle tensions and visual images in space.
One needs neither to be especially good at arithmetic nor paranoid to realize that they're dubious.
But not if the event is an episode of depression, nor can it tell you what to do about it.
Students do not come to college armed with those skills, nor are they likely to be acquired without guidance.
Most scholars give a warm, good-natured cast to the telling of jokes, mentioning neither nastiness nor aggression.
Nor does one have to reside in the state where one is licensed.
It's worth noting that the app does not give you train schedules of any sort nor does it help you plan your route.
Nor do they report each student's actual scores on the test, but only whether significant improvement was made.
But neither they nor a student member is without something to contribute.
Nor is it to diminish the significance of the new technologies.
Those scholars did not intend, nor could they have anticipated, the applied value of their work.
Nor is it necessarily obvious to people who grew up in cities, and who have only an inkling of what happens on a modern farm.
They cannot be laughed away, nor always successfully stormed at, nor easily abolished by act of legislature.
Nor were they incompetent, according to the psychiatrists who examined them.
The weekly rush to the cottage is not leisurely, nor is the compression of various recreational activities into the two-day break.
And neither biologists nor anyone else can yet explain how starlings seem to process information and act on it so quickly.
But if he decides to replace the radio with a jukebox, neither he nor the dealer need pay for a copyrighted work.
We use only natural feeds that contain neither drugs nor animal by-products.
Nor has he reined in those who have made irresponsible comments while claiming to represent his administration.
For example, neither exotic plants entering our communities nor polluted air from industrial areas observe borders.
Neither the planes nor the crew were ever seen again.
As such, neither the deceased nor their families consented to the use of the corpses in the exhibit.
They possess no nervous system or breathing apparatus, nor do they have limbs or the capacity to move.
The first containers of life, they suggest, were themselves neither products nor producers of biochemistry.
Nor could agricultural areas, dwindling as the city expanded, provide the necessary food to keep its inhabitants nourished.
Nor does the initial plan include indigenous people in panda and habitat management, he added.
Nor does it guarantee any government commitment to the study of its ecology.
However, he warned, many developing countries may have neither the money nor the energy to follow this path for much longer.
But the shuttle crew was not blown up, nor did they die when the shuttle broke apart.
Nor does the rest of the world seem to have learned its own lessons.
Nor does the idea of throwing away the tank and plugging your car into an electric socket instead.
Nor do senior scientists, who are rarely punished for fraud, set a decent example to their juniors.
But credit was neither available nor cheap last year.
Nor, with plenty of capacity sitting idle, are firms likely to go on an investment binge.
Nor would a merger necessarily mean increases in trading charges.
Some emerging market central bankers even argue that low inflation is neither necessary nor sufficient for financial stability.
Nor yet did he make the first light bulb, nor the first generator.
Nor the well-paid advertorial now so pervasive as to be barely noticeable.
Nor is her voter-registration card, which allows her to vote only in her native village.
The firm's executives insist that neither its own shareholdings nor its advertisers influence its coverage.
Nor has it renounced, let alone denounced, the use of violence.
Nor can its survival be ascribed simply to the effective brainwashing of the population.
Mutual funds have neither lockups nor fees of one-fifth of profits.
It's not an app, nor is it a complex control board filled with knobs and dials.
Neither a track list nor details on the newspaper album's artwork have been released.
Neither our tradition, nor any tradition, has ever banned all piracy.
It is neither too fixed on you nor too far away from the action.
Here is the star at its peak, neither climbing nor descending.
Nor, apparently, much grasp of the concept of mortality.
Neither the president nor the vice president is mentioned in the new directive as being part of the chain of command.
He had the talent to be a stage director, but neither the health nor the courage to fight.
He says neither the jogger nor his story panned out in any way.
Nor, in the end, did it secure the desired rapprochement.
He had not been raised to appreciate the decorative arts-nor the visual and performing arts, for that matter.
Nor is it precisely a theatricalization of the novel: there are no bobbed hairdos, cigarette holders, or flapper gowns.
Nor would those candidates now be desperately outdoing one another with brutish demands for ever more tax relief for zillionaires.
So far, neither the government nor the insurance companies have figured out a solution.
Nor did he care to consider whether the coffee tasted of soap or not.
Reducing the number of guns available to crazy people will neither relieve them of their insanity nor stop them from killing.
Nor was being trapped in a trunk worth getting into a drive-in for free.
Nor does its own history of matrimonial excess bring a blush to its cheek.
The video was not made public in any of the subsequent court proceedings, nor has there been any public government mention of it.
Nor does the book regard even broadly defined fiscal projections as the bottom line.
Nor was it only statues and public monuments that he treated in this manner.
Nor will there be an attempt to avoid the proportions which are consequent.
For them, pictures were neither financial investments nor elements in a larger conversation with their culture.
Nor were these perceptions of the change in the nature of care restricted to reports from patients and their families.
Nor are they opportunities for self-display, another staple of the travel genre.
Her challenging goals for her two daughters were a picnic neither for them nor for her.
Of course, not everything has been explained, nor will it ever be.
Pick a smooth stone that fits in your palm, has a uniform thickness, and is neither too heavy nor too light.
Nor in his wildest savanna dreams could he have imagined the battles these parasites would wage in his body.
They neither favoured nor rejected wheels with small obstacles along the running surface.
Near a moon base, neither access nor stability would be a problem.
What is needed is neither denial nor panic, but a sober effort to monitor the situation and adapt.
It's not possible unless the room is a sphere, nor is it possible for a photon in a crystal made of flat lattice planes.
But it was not accredited, nor was it required to be.
But whatever your tool shop metaphor of choice might be, neither saws nor sanders work if the glaciers don't move.
Nor has the government pinpointed where the outbreak began, or how it spread.
The fires didn't happen so quickly that they eradicated him, nor were they so infrequent that conifers had time to replace him.
He shrugs off questions, his face betraying neither affection nor anger.
Remakes and sequels aren't groundbreaking, generally, nor are they generally big blockbusters.
Nor did robins set out with the intent of domesticating strawberries.
He does not indicate what those tests might be, nor what results would be predicted based on his gyres.
Nor was there any scientific objective to be gained.
It's a marriage that's neither miserable nor all that successful.
These are not satellite images, nor are they traditional maps.
Nor do they typically bat an eye when it comes to racy content in advertising.
Nor does there appear to be any plausible scenario for replacing al-Maliki.
Nor did he have any doubt that he would be reelected.
Nor can it all be blamed on the unusually high ratings for the baseball play-offs.
Not one orthopedist nor one neurosurgeon in my acquaintance really understands the math used in statistical papers.
Nor is this kind of activity confined to the subcontinent.
They never consulted any family member, nor did they speak to anyone who has known us throughout the years.
Many of its proposals have not been reproduced, nor could they be reproduced with today's scientific knowledge and technology.
But people will not abandon social media, nor will privacy disappear.
It is neither hypocrisy nor conspiracy, it is forward thinking.
They cannot be gifted, nor discovered on a trip through the shelves of a friend or the local library.
Nor is the idea of surface modification of the small particles produced, to allow them to bond with other components.
Nor would anything involving reproduction of images.
Re: price sensitivity, that's neither here nor there.
Indeed, there is neither past nor future, nor present.
There is absolutely no attempt at measuring changes over time in this study, nor is it even possible to do so using this data.
Neither the cause gives meaning to the effect nor does effect give meaning to the cause.
There is no bomb grade uranium produced nor plutonium.
Frequently the pieces published are neither about technology nor new.
It is a canard that neither mainstream media's managers nor its journalists have good answers to that question.
If that is true, using current solar technology is neither renewable nor free.
However it is still science fiction and will be so for some time yet this technology is neither scalable nor repeatable.
Nor have the birds and critters that populate our yards and gardens.
Neither the agency charged with safety nor the manufacturer acted.
Not one teeming with pig knuckles and marrowbones, nor one simmered all day.
He's offered no evidence of how much these new initiatives would cost, nor where the money would come from.

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