nope in a sentence

Example sentences for nope

Nope, this fascinating life belongs to the loggerhead turtle.
Nope, completely uneconomical and not even as profitable as solar.
Nope, it's still applicable to some, thankfully a minority.
Nope, this is with a real vehicle that goes around a real test track.
Our species created a major ecological disruption that many unique island species could nope cope with.
Nope, when you're outnumbered, the only thing you can do is run for your life.
Nope, the researchers aren't claiming that this is brand new.
Nope, doesn't fit in with our dogma so it must be wrong.
Nope, people are still people, with all their flaws.
Nope, they go to people who don't study it professionally.
Nope, they're right, research should be directed by politicians.
Nope, you approach cautiously with a dart gun to try to immobilize her.

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