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Using a noose tied to a long pole, wildlife officers slip a loop around the animal's neck and steer it down the tree.
But the lyrics aren't written in a sense that would make one want to start tying up the noose.
Barr plans to slip a cable noose around his neck from a small boat and drag him to shore.
M, suspended from a clothes-rack hook by a stout rope, the noose of which had been deftly knotted.
The students were forced to take off their hoods and noose at the door.
And the police have not identified the student who admitted to the noose incident nor said whether charges would be filed.
He had pulled the sheets off the bed and was knotting them into a makeshift noose.
The noose around his neck was made from the same rope he used to pitch party tents.
Thereupon the vengeful jurists designed a special cage to carry him high above the noose.
Another installation piece presents a filthy bed, strewn with debris, over which hangs a noose.
The eye wall acts as a giant noose, choking the hurricane's momentum and reducing its winds.
Two ropes would be put about the neck of each animal, with a slip noose, so that he could be choked if too unruly.
The more he orates, the more he tightens his own noose, and the more the tenured professors will find him insufferable.
Later sufferers were purged or bled, or their heads were encircled with a noose.
Forecasts are calling for the fiscal noose to tighten on them even tighter.
The executioner explained that the noose could cut his neck and offered him a cloth to prevent any pain.
He has nothing to gain from elections except a noose for crimes against humanity.
The first time, he hanged himself in a noose made from a sheet.
Once inside the door slams and the family disappears, leaving only a dangling noose overhead.
The noose has been tightening for months because of our intelligence operations.
In some cases they run their heads into the noose, because it's easier to make it up in your mind than it is on the screen.
The economy appears to have slipped the deflationary noose that had been tightening around its neck.
When using a noose stop, do not rely on a split lock design as the breakaway mechanism.
The more the animal struggles against the snare, the tighter the noose draws.
Some kids are choking themselves or each other, by hand or with some form of noose.
He did not report the noose to any supervisors because he thought it was located such that the supervisors could see it.
They also point to the appearance of a hangman's noose at their workplace.
With his own hands he adjusted the noose to his neck, tied his own handkerchief over his eyes, and swung off into eternity.
Southern hospitality for abolitionists was a rope with a noose or a whip.
His limp form was quickly placed on a stretcher and carried up on the scaffold where his neck was put into a fresh noose.

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