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The topiary artist will be creating living works of art at noon and again at three that day.
Sundays are also a big meal day, with formal settings at noon.
For example, after you had a night shift, you were probably sleeping till next noon.
Most photographs are taken near noon with the sun out, on clear days.
For example, my shift in the chemistry lab and at the computer doing shipboard responsibilities is from midnight to noon.
Tomorrow's noon meal, the one at the end of my shift, should be a barbecue.
Or a language that uses subject-verb-object word order in the morning and object-verb-subject word order after noon.
The distinguished author has created a paean to friendship and its constancy, morning, noon and night.
Before rail, individual towns and cities kept time based on local noon, or the highest position of the sun.
At noon, underground walkways teem with nurses and doctors buying lunch.
From here the cactus-studded land falls away sharply to the west, down to a vast desert plain baking in the noon heat.
The rebels at its many checkpoints are larcenous and usually drunk before noon.
In the event the talks ran on until four in the morning, broke up and then reconvened for another session at noon the next day.
Yes, at noon on a sunny day, when the occupants are at work.
At noon tanks and anti-aircraft guns start shooting, apparently into the air but casting fear into many a heart.
Society need power at times that differ from noon on a sunny day.
Step into many shops at noon and you will be told to return after prayers.
At noon, about two hours after his detention, a dozen police officers arrived at his studio.
Administrators and faculty members alike frequented the room, which was packed at the noon hour.
We moved to the theater at noon and prepared the theatrical lighting for the upcoming performance.
By noon, my e-mail inbox was choked with messages from students who claimed to be infected.
Noon in your town was whenever the sun was highest right there.
He lived in a vast cave, and his custom was to tell over his herds of sea-calves at noon, and then to sleep.
If it's noon, the software might suggest local restaurants.
By noon, the giant vessels were empty and the restaurant had closed.
By noon, the field is hot and dusty and seething with people and livestock.
Then came her tamales, succulent beyond measure, haloed with spices that made our lips tingle until noon.
The station wagons arrived at noon, a long shining line that coursed through the west campus.
Around noon a sailor radioed from the island reporting in confusion that the ocean had suddenly somehow withdrawn.
It was only noon, but patrons were spilling onto the sidewalk, full of drink and good cheer.
To be able to rise at noon and still be a big shot comes with a steep price, however.
As noon approached, he shoved off in his whaleboat to take an observation with his quadrant.
As noon approaches and the sun is getting warm, the fresh, lemony scent of the vines penetrates the air.
While it is there, it is always high noon, and even the water has the restless glare that goes with that hour.
Back home shortly after noon, she has no time for lunch.
Around noon the first group was led to the compost heap, gunned down, and burned under piles of cornhusks.
At noon the courtroom was abuzz as the reporters and bystanders chattered.
Each, after a brilliant imperial noon, entered the prolonged twilight of decline.
And they all became synchronized in their leaf-biting, typically clamping onto a leaf around noon.
As the day warms up, the lemurs warm up also, regaining their normal temperature by noon.
The result is a near perfect match, allowing the two to align occasionally for the stunning phenomenon of darkness at noon.
Then measure the length of the pole and the length of the shadow cast by each pole at noon.

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