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They're also a particularly pernicious type of burn-apparently noodles cool much more slowly than water, prolonging the damage.
Throw in a couple of pieces of the pie over some noodles and heat for a couple of minutes.
For us, summers off mean a whole lot of ramen noodles and overdue rent.
And you don't have be stuck subsisting on three squares of ramen noodles a day.
Vendors on the street are still serving soups and noodles.
Don't forget to take the pot off the burner if you've got an electric stove--we're doing crispy noodles next week.
Writer describes her college years when she at bagels, apples and noodles.
We ate canned hummus and noodles and tried to decide what movie to watch on our iPods.
The chicken was paired with a gummy wad of skinny noodles and some carrot slivers.
North has excellent dumplings, noodles, breads and pancake wraps for meat dishes.
And living expenses quickly run up the tab, even if a student makes do with a grotty apartment and lives on noodles.
Pot noodles are gone from the supermarket shelves, as are bread and tins of tuna.
Naturally low in fat and compatible with a world of flavors, noodles lend themselves to healthy eating.
Whole-wheat lasagna noodles, available in many grocery stores, add an earthy dimension and a slightly nutty flavor.
Chop greens and simmer in chicken stock with slices of ginger and bean-thread noodles.
Correct seasoning and serve with buttered noodles or bread dumplings.
The pasta sauce and noodles will get one too, as will the dish soap.
Picture a roomful of people slurping noodles out of toilet bowls, and you get the idea.
Maybe he was attracted to the pots of noodles bubbling over braziers at curbside.
We had salad with feta cheese, noodles, and choice of cold drinks.
My first meal was canned mussels with seafood sauce on noodles.
If there is a pot of noodles everyone is there, as if noodles were nutritious.
Rice noodles are a light and delicate option for those who are gluten-intolerant.
Add a cheesy sauce and some noodles and you've got a star right there on the dinner table.
For some kids, spending too much time online means a family trip to boot camp and no more instant noodles.
Outside the market, camera-wielding travelers slurp noodles next to migrant laborers and locals.
Enjoyed for lunch or as a snack, noodles are eaten hot or chilled.
Pick brown rice and whole wheat noodles if possible.
Kids can choose from three meals all served with fruit, plus vegetarians are treated to meat-free sushi, tempura and noodles.
Diners can also try the sashimi, noodles or edamame appetizers and add a miso soup or traditional salad to their sushi selections.
They were crammed into tiny quarters for the two-week voyage, subsisting on bottle water, canned goods and noodles.
Next up is sesame noodles in a peanut sauce, served with baked tofu tossed in a spiced lime glaze.
Add crushed ramen noodles and dressing to salad and toss again.
Let stand while you cook the egg noodles according to the package.
Cook noodles in the saucepan according to package directions.
Consumption continues to expand due to increased demand for wheat flour for bread, noodles pasta and biscuit production.
Such food includes ready-to-cook or ready-to-heat rice products, pasta, noodles and pour-over sauces.
If desired, add cooked noodles or rice and heat to serving temperature.
Top with more tomato sauce, then another layer of noodles.
Combine cabbage, onion and crumbled noodles in a bowl and mix well.
Consumption continues to expand due to increased demand for wheat flour for bread, noodles, pasta and biscuit production.

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