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Example sentences for nonstop

He smoked nonstop during the three hours of our interview.
At conferences, some of us talk nearly nonstop for days.
But not everyone is convinced that microblogging leads to nonstop partying in college neighborhoods.
Public community colleges aren't advertising nonstop during daytime television.
Along the way you actually teach people instead of complaining nonstop about their ignorance.
She existed on energy bars, fast food and coffee downed between nonstop auditions and takes.
Its music is terrifically important-funny, moving, and almost nonstop.
He also has a problem with barking back at you nonstop when you tell him no or you do not give him attention when he wants it.
With its presses running nonstop, the bureau prints billions of dollars in paper money and billions of postage stamps annually.
There would be days of parades, dancing, and nonstop music.
Picture a riotous, dripping-wet, nonstop party on an all-natural theme park ride.
The queen of this nonstop flower extravaganza is the tulip, bursting out in every candy color.
Nonstop flights are a boon, because connections increase the risk of a delay.
The birds migrate up here for the safe breeding and the nonstop feasting.
Hundreds of flares have burned nonstop for decades, releasing greenhouse gases and causing acid rain.
She told of nonstop rapids and hundred-dollar tips and beer on the bus.
The narrative seemed to pour out in a nonstop burst of barely controlled fury.
And my guess is the last time there was two weeks of nonstop civil disobedience may have been back in the civil rights movement.
Her moods swung sharply, and she appeared unable to control her nonstop, rapid-fire speech.
And external battery box is handy when the built-in batteries wear out, but they work nonstop for half a day without a recharge.
Thanks to nonstop work by the engineers, all the problems have apparently been solved.
And external battery box is handy when the built-in batteries wear out but they work nonstop for half a day without a recharge.
With a high-speed connection, a week of nonstop attacking would likely succeed.
They also accept nonstop instruction in how to acknowledge criticism and take no for an answer.
She was much stronger than her opponent and proceeded to take her apart in a nonstop barrage of punch combinations.
All the while, her other leg keeps whipping through the air nonstop.
The nonstop name-calling does nothing to bolster your point.
They joked around at the nonstop talk about which president you'd want to have a beer with.
There are calls to return, the phone rings nonstop, and her staff is lining up with questions.
And it can carry the average rider for a full day, nonstop, on only five cents' worth of electricity.
Periods of nonstop eating that are not related to hunger.
In the evaluation criteria this year, considerable weight was again given to customers' strong preference for nonstop service.
There are hundreds of nonstop and connecting flights from points around the globe each day.

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