nonskid in a sentence

Example sentences for nonskid

To enjoy the caves safely and comfortably, wear shoes with nonskid soles and take a jacket.
Appropriate dress will probably include swimsuit, shorts, and nonskid footwear.
Use nonskid mats on the bottom of the bathtubs and avoid bath oils.
Handrails line each wall, and a nonskid floor resembling hardwood reduces the risk of falls.
All fish distribution trucks must be equipped with adequate steps, handholds, and nonskid walks.
Shoes should have a nonskid sole with less than a half inch heel.
The manufacturers of nonskid floor paint also use alluvial and other low-cost garnets in their products.
The nonskid base of the ladder rests on the scaffold board while its top rests against the tank structure.
To avoid introducing a tripping hazard, the mat will be nonskid and will be fastened securely to the floor.
Ensure that ladder steps, platforms, and walkways have nonskid surfaces.
Boats are made of metals and sometimes have nonskid surfaces.
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