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Myths and misinformation can range from the merely nonsensical to the downright dangerous.
Five years too late, a reply that is completely nonsensical as well as full of the requisite bad grammar, and no link.
What seems nonsensical makes perfect, and worrying, sense if you understand how this debate is likely to play out.
Since all our ideas are expressed in language and mathematics, they become nonsensical when describing metaphysics.
Actor gives nonsensical short talk at a psychiatrist's conference.
Moreover, it is nonsensical to hire foreign faculty to boost rankings and then not invite them to staff meetings.
And it is nonsensical for a long term investment fund of that type to be in these pools in the first place.
To those who think this is such a nonsensical idea, why don't you try coming up with a better solution.
Along with such nonsensical nomenclature, the product itself doesn't look much better.
Everyone seems to know this, but they don't know how to do it, and therefore continue to put out these nonsensical comparisons.
The idea that society can become more prosperous by paying more of its citizens to be idle is clearly nonsensical.
No doubt the next one of these nonsensical books will argue that good thoughts generate good outcomes by quantum entanglement.
And after last summer's liquid plot, we're stuck with a series of nonsensical bans on liquids and gels.
He regularly says things that sound reasonable at first but are nonsensical when you think about it.
But with its aggressively postmodern and relentlessly nonsensical plot lines, watch for rapid crossover to older audiences.
Zoom out for a global view and the question becomes almost nonsensical.
It is nonsensical to use the pre-crash growth rate as a benchmark.
It is not nonsensical in itself but any statement about it must be.
The e-mail does contain text, typically nonsensical or copied from other sources.
Frederick said the banner was a nonsensical message and that he intended the banner to proclaim his right to say anything at all.
She induced expressions of surprise by interrupting concentration with a nonsensical question.
Its recommendations are both trivial and nonsensical.
Apologies, but this comes across as nonsensical phrasing imitating intelligence, as opposed to the real thing.
Too many folks out there play those nonsensical mind games and think it's okay to hide things from one another.
The show is further hampered by a nonsensical attempt to create a framework for the songs.
Since then, it has been climbed in ways that once would have seemed nonsensical.
Claims about price manipulation are generally nonsensical and an attempt at blame-shifting.
The name this loosely organized group chose for itself was not entirely nonsensical.
Where you draw the line varies throughout history, looking only at the state is ultimately nonsensical.
But it also has a nonsensical glaze that contributes to the inadvertent merriment.
But of course they are the primary losers following each nonsensical government measure.
But nonsensical jump-cuts and incoherent flash-forwards can't raise the dead.
It seems no more nonsensical to them that they be fake family members than that they live as outcasts at all.
But to suggest that guests should be considered in some way at fault because they were walked in on is utterly nonsensical.
In contrast, entering that same vague question into a search engine yields completely nonsensical results.
Invoking an impossible event to achieve a nonsensical result to prove the arrow of time.
Now, starting with real name policy and nonsensical updates in your profile unless u navigate thru the maze of privacy setting.
It is obviously nonsensical to blame the cars or the costumers.
Id feel ashamed spending time writing such a nonsensical article.
The first two are considered nonsensical, and while zero-point energy has a basis in science, using it to run a machine does not.
The typographical error rendered this portion of the form nonsensical and inconsistent with the purpose of the form.

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