nonplussed in a sentence

Example sentences for nonplussed

The announcement, however, left the computer industry nonplussed.
Earlier in history, one famous player was so nonplussed after a defeat that he tried to shove his opponent out the window.
These protests will not fade, whatever the temperature or the admonitions from a nonplussed government.
No question is more likely to infuriate or simply leave a scientist nonplussed.
Even the geekiest types can be nonplussed when they are presented with data but no purpose.
They seemed nonplussed by their temporary homelessness.
They were nonplussed at the level of her dishonesty, sometimes breaking into laughter at the absurdity of it.
As he stood in the doorway with his revolver tightly clutched in his hand the mob for a minute was nonplussed.
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