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Example sentences for nonexistent

The reality you are in right now is real then in a moment, it's gone, becoming nonexistent.
Since they had no cooking implements their cookery must have been rudimentary or nonexistent.
And the sea's silty, cold waters made visibility almost nonexistent for the intrepid few who wanted to explore the medieval ruins.
Local blues radio programming-which thrived during the blues heyday-is slim to nonexistent.
Blind snake fossils are nearly nonexistent, so their evolutionary history has been a mystery.
Once you've installed the system, however, your energy bills can be minimal to nonexistent.
Today the surf off the foot of the bluffs is nonexistent.
Most of them are mere shifts of emphasis, some are marginal tweaks, and a few are either substantive or nonexistent.
The second thing about these breaks is that their social benefits are pretty much nonexistent.
He means that they're so reliably absent as to be nonexistent, but the students and the school administrators hear something else.
We've managed to combine fast economic growth, low unemployment, and virtually nonexistent inflation.
Multi-processing required, but inter-process coordination is virtually nonexistent.
Unfortunately, they didn't keep the promise: consumers often found setup difficult and performance poor to nonexistent.
Sequestration is almost nonexistent, and can be easily added into the equation.
Time is not nonexistent because theres simply no such thing as nonexistence.
Feeling helpless leads us to see nonexistent patterns.
What is left is something that is not the nonexistent.
And before the installation of these new, taller turbines bat kills had been practically nonexistent.
Anarchy was the rule, and the rule of law was nonexistent.
As a result, remains of dinosaurs from such former surroundings are practically nonexistent.
The impacts are enormous, the risks are enormous, but the gain is minimal to nonexistent.
Though officials visited bird traders initially, follow-up visits and action against violators was basically nonexistent.
Think about a mutual fund market where data on market returns were nonexistent.
For all the debate about the law in this decision, the debate about the terms under discussion has been close to nonexistent.
Clean water and electricity are almost nonexistent in many villages.
For two of those years prison discipline was almost nonexistent.
Two decades ago the field of camel biology was virtually nonexistent.
The labor is unskilled, the wages are undifferentiated, and the benefits are nonexistent.
Monitoring of whaling activities is weak to nonexistent, but what evidence does exist raises alarm in many quarters.
But drive an hour south and that dusky sheep with its smoke-pit growl is nonexistent.
They were either hallmarks of full dress, or nonexistent.
Prospects for upward social mobility and meaningful political reform were nonexistent.
For us, research becomes either a summer project or nonexistent.
The notion of solitary scholarship is nearly nonexistent in the sciences, which depend upon collegial collaboration.
In any case, the constraints a null result imposes are almost nonexistent.
However, my main interest is neuroscience which is sadly almost nonexistent in my country.
Such chemical communication, common among other animals, was heretofore thought to be nonexistent in humans.
Yet, their knowledge of the subject is usually suspect and their full acceptance is often nonexistent.
The payoff from interstellar imperialism may be so slight, or so nonexistent, that no one bothers to engage in it.
It is almost nonexistent during these times of rapid speciation.
At this point, his publication record is pretty much nonexistent.
The result is that mechanisms to ensure quality are weak or nonexistent.
If your estate is small or nonexistent, you've gotten lots of free medical care.
If the legal framework for interrogations was distorted, the framework for contractors has at times been almost nonexistent.
But it is based on flawed, or nonexistent, evidence.
In bad times, when return on capital is low or nonexistent, equity is much cheaper than debt.
The alternative is, an economy that is based on nothing at all except the government's desire to redistribute nonexistent wealth.
Corruption is rife, the rule of law nonexistent, and it's a miracle the government works at all.
Their network is abysmal, their packages are overpriced, and their customer service nonexistent.
It demands payment of a nonexistent, unsatisfiable debt from the reader.
Thus, more than half of his opening statement is directed at an nonexistent audience.
The risk of litigation is negligible, in some places nonexistent.
He almost certainly felt the odds of being found after five years were nonexistent.
My pores seem almost nonexistent-the surface smooth and fine lines seemingly diminished.
They're making huge sacrifices-in industry and capital growth-for tiny or nonexistent energy savings.
But there are drawbacks as well: salaries can be low and benefits nonexistent.
The result, it appears, was not so much disappointing as nonexistent.
The new era turned out to be short-lived, or else nonexistent.
One cannot say one rebels by right of that nonexistent authority.
In each case, the answer is that the evidence is nonexistent or exceedingly dubious.
But one needs no absolution from a nonexistent order.
Despite the chopped top, body flex was nearly nonexistent.
While gaming chops are basically nonexistent, general app performance is on par with machines that cost twice as much.
In the early years, the thieves would simply ask for advance payment for the nonexistent vehicle.
Other backup systems were either not functioning or nonexistent.
The atmosphere is relaxed, and the dress code is nonexistent.
The fallout from the apparently nonexistent scandal, however, was absolutely shocking given the players involved.
The newly unemployed will be entering a job market where opportunities are scarce to nonexistent.
With a bit of ingenuity, you can make living areas from seemingly nonexistent space.
For example, inaccessible or nonexistent sidewalks and bicycle or walking paths contribute to sedentary habits.
In many countries, the use of leaded gasoline is still widespread, and vehicle emission controls are nonexistent.
Inspection records were either nonexistent or incomplete in both cases.
Therefore, background information is limited or nonexistent.
Some argue that the stream of violence is abetted by lax or nonexistent gun laws.

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