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Example sentences for nonessential

The utility went so far as to call individual customers, pleading with them to turn off nonessential appliances.
It is a melancholy truth that time lost to nonsensical or nonessential committees is gone forever.
What matters are a few nonessential people, and what they do is mostly stare into and manipulate screens.
All workable national-health-insurance schemes depend on controlling access to nonessential services.
To avoid enemy crafts, naval submarines will often run silently, shutting down nonessential functions and cutting crew chatter.
Likewise, executives have found themselves diverted from their agenda by truckloads of nonessential work.
The home retailer, a haven for nonessential merchandise, has seen steady improvement.
We should have no nonessential contact with indicted individuals.
Nonessential amino acids are made by the body from essential amino acids or in the normal breakdown of proteins.
As the bear gets closer, fluids are diverted from nonessential locations, including the mouth.
The nonessential status for such wolves allows for additional management flexibility.

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