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The second thing to recognize is that none of the three knew one another.
None of the information provided so far will do any such thing.
None of this would have happened without that decision.
On their own, none of these changes seems big enough to prompt a revolution.
None of these transgenic animals have yet entered the market.
The brain will find patterns or images where none really exist.
It has none of the chalky texture or strong flavor of other kinds of tofu.
Yet none of the platform vendors was involved in defining these standards.
But none of the diets kept the weight off, and none of the exercise routines stuck.
None of which necessarily means that her allegations are therefore false.
So far, around twenty different species have been sighted on the farm, none of which die after their first sting.
None of these advances or the suggestion of future advances has come without controversy.
There are small and large pieces all throughout the garden, but none of the art is arranged in a self-important way.
None of the credit card machines are working here, either.
None of these questions were asked, though the group did ask a lot of questions.
None of this will end the government's agonies, let alone those of the euro.
Other eclipses may be longer, but none will see the sun totally eclipsed for so long.
Pretty sure none of these warming periods are human caused.
Both moons and planets can have tenuous atmospheres, or incredibly thick ones, or none at all.
None of us have time to stand around being chicken-sitters, so the birds don't get out much.
Those characteristics described none of the nine students in my seminar, or me for that matter.
None of this is to say that non-staff, freelance reporters cannot be excellent journalists.
The team has also looked for direct evidence of glycine but has seen none of its telltale chemistry.
None of these individuals experienced serious medical, neurological, physiological or psychiatric problems.
It's good that none of us can actually see the drop until we're out there, on the brink.
None of the list's veterans had heard of him, and what little information could be gleaned was murky and contradictory.
And none of the college officials reported this to be a significant problem.
None of these facts brook disagreement, but here the unity ends.
None of their flourishes was particularly original, and that was the point.
None of these things were recorded and they could have substantially affected the outcome.
None of us are trained entomologists, and many butterflies are never identified.
Unscrew it with a coin and you can replace with a bigger grip, or none at all.
Yet no community college is now exceeding the default limits, and almost none ever have.
When they looked for traces of big predatory dinosaurs, they found none.
But scientists say none of these animals can learn to bark, meow, or growl in a new way.
None but the pickiest churl could find a significant omission in this compilation.
But so far none of the other chickens have pecked her, and she's happier being with the flock.
There are only a few of these animals left on the planet and none in the wild.
But none of the cultural students were required to take a statistics course.
None of the distant planets are visible by modern telescopes, however.
None of the relatives reported pain during the five-minute donation procedure, and none experienced any complications afterwards.
They also tested three phony blue diamonds-of which none had the telltale red signature.
None of those safeguards will guarantee market success.
None of the positions described here is on the tenure track.
Cities throughout the world are growing rapidly, but none so rapidly as those in developing regions.
None of the subjects were themselves autistic or had other developmental disorders.
If none of those are options, you could conduct a geographically limited job search.
Up to three total lunar eclipses occur a year, but some years have none.
Not all answers are equally wise, of course, but none can be definitive either.
None of these species are listed as endangered, but no one knows the potential impact from thousands of deaths each year.
None of the fakes were actually deployed in active combat situations.
Almost none of the new material came from public donation.
So far none of the cells sampled have revealed the telltale glow.
None of those colleagues, according to the report, knew that the data were made up.
None of the signs of the successful prediction from a year and half earlier were present.
They all have deficits in terms of outcome, side effects, and none of them were great.
None of us were particularly good at tennis-or at golf, either, for that matter.
The submissions for our sleep photo contest were all across the board, but none of them made us bored.
She found them aloof and difficult to contact, however, because none of them posted office hours.
Stars within a typical galaxy are so far apart that the chances of two colliding are slim to none.
The denials came in rapid fire, and once the interrogation was well underway it was clear that none of us seemed to have done it.
Problem is, none of these features have really improved.
None of us who worked at the university was allowed to forget that.
However, none really seemed to state what the pros and cons may be of either.
But, of course, none of those options come with blinking lights.
None of this, though, will do much to make broadband access universal or more affordable.
Curing almost all malaria cases can be worse than curing none.
Other animals may whimper, moan and wail, but none sheds tears of emotion--not even our closest primate cousins.
There they stood and did not know what to do, and none of them dared to go home.
None of the campuses would close, but the plan was controversial even before it was announced.
None of these changes will necessarily be easy to achieve.
In my case, none of my professors knew about my situation.
But none of that necessarily makes it either the best choice or the right choice.
Earlier discoveries had been made, but none of the finds were able to withstand scientific scrutiny.
None of them photographed a general's strategy, or the tactics of a platoon.
Its marketing department is regarded by industry as second to none.
None of these wartime repellents was particularly effective.
The data was remarkable for breaking a few records, none of them good ones.
Coalition rockets and gunfire had nearly destroyed the palace grounds, and none of the troops expected to find anything alive.
None of which is even remotely true, it's merely popular.
Even though scientists have been clamoring for a more clear-cut system for years, none is on the horizon.
None of the products tested were found to have significant levels of heavy metals or other contaminants.
It only partially makes up for the flubbed question, but sometimes partial credit is better than none.
The trouble with the military approach is that it is extremely expensive and yet addresses none of the underlying problems.
None of them are going to be as good as they could be because of this.
But each party proposes different solutions, and none is more divisive than nuclear power.
But none of their models have offered a completely satisfying explanation.
No examples are known, and almost certainly none will be found.
None could find any record that the paper had ever appeared in print.
There are many questions concerning the sustainability of aqua farming, none of which were raised by the author.
None has yet been found, but several new initiatives are underway.
So, when he came back home he hoped to get some office, but none were given to him.
At present, none of the major evaluation sites for college students let professors talk back.
None of the proposed cases is especially well supported.
Despite all the possibly explanations provided for this appendage, none are especially satisfying.
However, the researchers make a good case that none of the alternative explanations are likely.
But in the end it turns out that none of them can escape from the acts they have committed, and must be damned by them forever.
Recommended fat intake, for one, can range from none to unlimited.
None have been proved, but the list of ideas may be getting shorter.
Few doctors knew of it, only a handful had seen it, and none knew what caused it or how to treat it.
But past research has shown that the so-called hot hand is a myth, rooted in our tendency to see patterns where there are none.
Although some choice is undoubtedly better than none, more is not always better than less.
Numerous ideas have been proposed, but none has been proved.
What is more, a month later none of the animals had experienced adverse effects from the procedure.
Critics have questioned whether the marks really did come from stone tools, partly because none were found at the site.
When it comes to watching the inner workings of cells, fluorescence microscopy is second to none.
Spikes are the universal all-or-none pulses used by all but the tiniest nervous systems to communicate information among neurons.
None of which is new and doesn't need to be repeated throughout the week.
They can even grow blood vessels in the cornea of the eye, where otherwise none will grow.
He pursued none of these paths to the end, and yet in his career as a writer he has walked down all of them.
None asks what the proper functions of government might be and could be.
None asks what results government should be held accountable for.
None of them doubted that they represented a progress that was to continue from strength to strength.
Me false to mine dare whisper none,--One sallow horseman knows me good.
Or parents kicked over so many traces that there are practically none left for us.
These regimes have failed every test except survival, and have brought none of the promised benefits.
But he meets only strangers, and none shows any interest in him.
None has tried to add external costs directly to the consumer price.
Crane understood none of it at the time, but he sensed that his situation was hopeless.
None of this quite explains why such a poem can still matter, or matter quite so much.
He approached many a distinguished teacher of his day, but none could give him what he sought.
None of them answers the pilgrim's question, and each replies with the nonsense line.
The version submitted in the evening contained none of these ideas.
But none of the candidates in these elections wants that.
Few had such mad ideas, none the means so intensively to stuff their subjects' heads with them.
In none of these countries, however, has the pain of recession bitten so deep.
The film community might live in a sink of waywardness, but none of that got on to the screen.
None of us, however, knew of a real working model of it anywhere.
It matured enough to produce stem cells, but none were extracted.
It boasts rabbitlike ears and a kangaroo tail-yet the aardvark is related to none of these animals.
None of the sites are protected from agricultural development.
There are none so poor they cannot help, and none so rich as not to need help.
Absent none without blame, present none without excuse.
There are none but savage beasts, with whom carnage succeeds victory.
Heroes are created by popular demand, sometimes out of the scantiest materials, or none at all.
In a weird feat of biotechnological virtuosity, scientists have engineered mice with genes from two dads, and none from a mom.
Of all mankind's impacts on nature, perhaps none is more pervasive than the systematic elimination of large animals.
So much water, and almost none of it available to the non-fish among us.
The trouble is that none of them offer all the features, or work quite as seamlessly, as you are probably hoping.
None of them knew one another, even by pseudonyms, since as a rule there was only one username throughout the community.
But none of those things have happened in a smooth and steady fashion.
None of their sense of purpose or promise seemed to catch the imagination of the local press, however.
To snarl or shout would imply that some resistance to her authority exists, and none does.
Although there are still drug dealers on the island, none of them are outsiders who make themselves out to be big-time gangsters.
None, in any field but the literary, would call him skilled.
Writer discusses book lights, of which he has made an inadvertent collection, none of them satisfactory.
None of the people she worked with knew what had happened.
None of the buildings in the city were not churches.
They are none of your business and/or do not belong to you.
Presumably the student who encounters such a curriculum may be none the wiser about what he missed.
It was considered an acceptable choice only if none of the jobs at research universities came through.
Still, none are pleased when their colleges appear on the list, much less when a college lands at the top.
However, none of these traits were reflected in my transcript.
All five of the colleges are public, and none of them are flagships.
None of that changes the fact that it's basically a tiresome, tedious, thankless job.
Little data is available on adjunct salaries nationally, and virtually none on adjunct raises.
There was, however, no formal moment of prayer and none of this struck me as inappropriate.
None of them ever resulted in an interview, not even a phone interview.
None said the athletic director was responsible for such a plan.
No, none of them, and neither do any of my colleagues.
While there are mixed feelings among students, none will be on campus to see the vote realized.
None of the authors are employed at a unionized campus.
In a series of elegant and rigorous mouse experiments, they found none.
None of these posts refer to the simple fact that nature uses water over and over again.
But none provide a convincing explanation for the variety of leaf shapes that occur in nature.
None of the estimates of energy usage to create corn-based ethanol include the cost of the water needed to grow the corn.
But none of these approaches has produced definitive results.
But in psychopathic patients, these sections of the amygdala remain dark, showing greatly reduced activity or none at all.
None of that is stopping forecasters surging ahead and to their credit, they have come up with a way to test their ideas.
Because of their meticulous upbringing, they harbor none of the microbes that normally give mice their distinctive acrid odor.
However, none of these techniques fully capture the way behaviours spread in society.
Indeed, there are no plans in the proposal to replace the lost power because none is needed.
We have to reinvent the car again because none of the alternatives are as appropriate for the automobile as oil.
The basic idea is that tax payers can declare their full income, part of it or none at all.
But none of these patterns has yet turned out to be particularly useful for predictions on the scale of days or weeks.
None of these attempts survived the dot-com implosion.
What's curious about this new thinking is that none of the mechanisms it relies on are new ideas.
None of the patients involved in the trial suffered any significant ill effects.
The mangrove forest provides a barrier, so that none of the polluted water from the fish farm returns to the ocean.
None of these services can match the catalog or-to state the obvious-the pricing of the illicit choices.
He spams technology news forums with wild claims of his research, yet none of it exists.
None were perfect for me, but they might work for you.
Ham marrow is as delicately flavored and as easily spreadable as butter, but it has none of butter's spinelessness.
None of this seems to diminish the chatter, however.
Yet almost none live beneath the surface of the open sea.
She'd had a slight fever about a week ago, but none since.
Despite new ideas and experimental activity, it is possible that none of these tests will find any support for string theory.
Scientists have exhaustively checked the human genome for bacterial genes, but none have been found.
But according to a new study, pretty much any name is better than none at all.
None of this matters if you live under the synthetic pastels that paint today's urban ceilings.
They searched for fragments of a meteorite--an asteroid or a chunk of one--but found none.
My examination, however, turned up none of the telltale signs of diabetes.
One of them contains a grand total of three drops of n-butyl mercaptan, and the other has none.
None of this can take place, however, if silica or large amounts of iron are present.
Scattered among the reddish-brown pebbles are several tiny green nubs, none more than a fraction of an inch high.
He had published a handful of brief papers in a physics journal, none of them bad, none of them noteworthy.
Some people have one, some have none, and a few have two.
None of this is difficult, and none of it is expensive.
Although many treatments have shown some promise, none is consistently effective.
None died, and their condition worsened only a little bit.
The highest-risk part of this business, bar none, is searching for reservoirs.
The truth is, of course, that none of us needs to dress in high-fashion wear in order to be greener.
Unfortunately, none lost a significant amount of weight in the study's first year.
They held their sun-scorched eyes to the horizon, searching for land, but there was none.
If you can't show what you're feeling up there onstage, none of it matters.
He will hear and have none of it: he's not interested in courting a new market opened up by old enemies.
Motorbikes make no concessions to pedestrians, cars none to motorbikes, and buses none to anything.
It's surprising that none of them have caught the clap.
Maybe none of the billionaires lining up to buy a newspaper know what they would be getting into.
Their descendants have kept it up, and none more zealously than professional historians in the past fifty or sixty years.
Exciting as it is, none of this reading is particularly useful to them.
None of these newer prisoners are among the fifty-two the government now plans to release.
Almost none of this is plausible, or even logically consistent.
None of it made me mad, but none of that stuff ever does.

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