nonchalantly in a sentence

Example sentences for nonchalantly

Hansen tried to speak nonchalantly but the words came out in a hoarse croak.
He saw a bull elk nonchalantly grazing about ten feet from the flames.
On Thursday, he told his story so nonchalantly that he could have been telling a friend about a horror movie he had just seen.
He seems nonchalantly, confidently happy.
The hangman slides nonchalantly along the scaffold and jumps nimbly down on to the platform.
The adult giraffes pause and regard us nonchalantly before going back to their browsing.
As one insider rather nonchalantly puts it, it is a symptom of bigger underlying problems, rather than the problem itself.
The thumb of his left hand rests nonchalantly on the hilt while the other fingers hold the sheath.
He nonchalantly walked to the back of the store, and held the lit cigarette to one of the fireworks.
Basically, the fact that liquids are tossed nonchalantly is proof everyone knows they are not dangerous.
Both leaned nonchalantly back against one of the long tables, and munched grains of wheat as they talked.

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