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Example sentences for nonchalant

Buddy's agreement was magnificently nonchalant.
Most of them were pretty nonchalant and haven't spoken to me about it much.
Pete tries to be nonchalant.
They are nonchalant about their famous customers.
Mary is a typical adolescent, masking her insecurities with a nonchalant air.
Just be nonchalant, but take good mental notes while you're there.
When they see me come in calm and nonchalant, it gives them a sense of security because they know the problem's going to go away.
That was the closest I've seen a messageboard posting come to being nonchalant.
Equally attractive was his nonchalant, ever-hopeful attitude to life.
Tattooed young hipsters rush by, handling their battered bikes with nonchalant ease.
One might also argue that it is healthy to be less nonchalant about jokes or games about violence or weapons.
It was the moment of gallantry in heartbreak, grim and nonchalant banter, and heroic dissipation.
He has already learned the power of the pose, and his gaze has the nonchalant authority of imperial possession.
It amazes me, the almost nonchalant tone of the disasters.
Bitterly seems remarkably nonchalant about providing it.
And your complaint originally was that his being so nonchalant didn't make him a genius.
His career by now seems virtually boo-boo-proof-and so does his nonchalant image.
Yosemite deer are nonchalant about encounters with their human neighbors.
Other animals that frequent the roadways are not so nonchalant.
My guess is that the ranks of the nonchalant are thinning by the hour.
He's much more into nonchalant, brimmed hats these days.
The look depends upon mixing many shades of prewashed blue denim shirts, jackets and jeans into a nonchalant ensemble.
Hens congregate around the edge of the lek acting nonchalant.
His mood was nonchalant and he admitted having anxiety and depression.

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