nomination in a sentence

Example sentences for nomination

Is it past time to have, as a prerequisite to nomination, a week's schooling on basic science including climate change.
When you're done reviewing this list of five, e-mail us your nomination for the scariest movie ever.
He clearly thought he could cruise to the nomination.
Now, it's likely that the committee of the whole at the convention will restore the delegates in time for the nomination itself.
He went from a sleeper pick for the nomination, to a wise-guy's best bet, to a flop.
Should she win the nomination but lose the election, they believe, the party could suffer incalculable damage.
He will win the nomination or run third party, there has never been a better time for him.
Maybe that adapted screenplay nomination is the one that should win.
There is a chance, however small, that she could win the nomination.
Please use the enclosed nomination blank or submit the same information in letter form.

Famous quotes containing the word nomination

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