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For one thing, the basic nomenclature was confusing.
The trick, he said, is in the nomenclature.
Avoiding editorialising in the choice of nomenclature is hard.
Perhaps I've coined a methodology, or at least a nomenclature.
Regarding pomegranates, I probably used the wrong nomenclature.
The judge's decision did not turn on nomenclature.
Student-level nomenclature is usually based upon the number of hours completed.
Forget the nomenclature of what this speech is supposed to be.
The potential for bizarre and jokey nomenclature is almost unlimited.
His naming system, known as binomial nomenclature, became the standard scientific lingo and is still used today.
The newly discovered bacteria, it turns out, are so different from any living thing that we've had to revise our nomenclature.
The nomenclature, though, has little to do with the reptile itself.
Along with such nonsensical nomenclature, the product itself doesn't look much better.
As yet there is absolutely no theoretical construction implied in this nomenclature.
He devised a systematic nomenclature for organic chemistry.
Talk story about nomenclature for television sit-coms.
To medicalize every behavior by putting it into psychiatric nomenclature is ridiculous.
Experts use the nomenclature of the highway to describe them: there are spurs, bifurcations, and crossovers.
But in many parts of the world the nomenclature of polytechnic still survives, and survives proudly.
There is a thread about these nomenclature differences somewhere, but the gist of it is that it varies by university.
It depends on your field and your department and the nomenclature for their requirements.
The truth is that there is an asymmetry in these matters that belies the nomenclature.
Nomenclature nor funding systems will deter progress.
Nomenclature is about where on the tree to tie which labels.
Chemical nomenclature has an irreparable failure in labeling the sense of chirality.
The color and nomenclature of this service was not fortuitous.
But so many species since then have been named in such a haphazard way that animal nomenclature is in trouble.
The rest that government does is theft for the purpose of buying votes, thinly clad in welfare nomenclature.
Under these headings, the user avoids confusion of nomenclature by next using geography as a search guide.
One of the sadder things about today's taste for movie sequels is the correct, unimaginative nomenclature that goes with it.
They've come up with a mini-restaurant in wine-bar drag, proof that wine bars have evolved too fast for nomenclature to keep up.
Use and misuse of astronomical nomenclature in science fiction.
The nomenclature could get even messier when the details of this new find are confirmed.
Humans are nomenclature-based and this gives you a more intimate relationship with your skyline.
They also discovered a nomenclature problem on their hands.

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