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In fact, some scientists say virtually no marine environment is now without noise pollution.
However, areas around airports are hardly desirable places to live because of noise pollution.
We should attach an economic value to the noise pollution of vehicles as well as exhaust emissions.
The center's remotely operated vehicles film underwater, and microphones will eventually monitor for noise pollution.
Among the suggested explanations are ocean noise pollution, changing population dynamics and new mating strategies.
Aside from water pollution worries, it's clearly noise pollution.
Underwater noise pollution already poses a problem for many animals including whales and dolphins.
Noise pollution may also mask signals animals need to hear.
Populations are also harmed by chemical and noise pollution.
New housing and business developments, locals complain, have led to an increase in light and noise pollution.
Contaminated waterways, noise pollution, and pesticides pose additional threats.
Threats include ship strikes, entanglement in fishing lines, chemical and noise pollution.
Noise pollution is unpleasant, and can be dangerous.
Also, respect other people by not causing noise pollution.
Other types of pollution include ocean pollution and noise pollution.
The air pollution story is being ignored while the noise pollution story is getting all the press.
Urban, suburban and exurban noise pollution is a serious problem deserving of attention.
Noise ordinances vary by community, so you may want to check with your city officials regarding noise pollution legislation.
Reduced congestion improves air quality, decreases noise pollution and lowers fuel consumption.
Lists websites for kids about all types of pollution including noise pollution.
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