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If there is human empathy, and no one really doubts that, there should be animal precursors.
No one suffered from his procrastination, including him.
Here's the thing: no one wants to constantly stop a student discussion.
No one really wants them, only the appearance of them.
The reasoning was that no one would pay to lose money.
It was hot, no one got dehydrated and no one fainted from hunger.
No one expects the powerful to use them as a tool against the weak.
No one knows what to expect of a proseminar, apparently.
Since tenure requires such achievement, it's easy to see why no one is ever tenured.
No one should take three years to write a dissertation.
No one needs to know about your alcoholism or mental illnesses or true weaknesses, and you should never disclose them.
While no one could deny his brilliance, some accused him of over-reaching in his art-historical interpretations.
There is no fixed bedtime, and no one tells anyone else to go to sleep.
But no one has proven that shark cartilage actually cures cancer.
No one is sure how long it will take to pump out floodwaters once the levees are repaired.
No one knows precisely how many people live in isolation from the industrial-technological world.
No one knows for sure what's causing this jellyfish traffic jam.
No one knows how many stars exist, but the number would be staggering.
To boldly go where no one has gone before, one group of scientists didn't have to venture into space.
After hundreds of monarch studies, no one really knows.
No one knows its conservation status, although it is generally considered to be rare.
No one seemed to know who had survived, however, and some questioned whether any had seen daylight again.
Thankfully, no one was around the bridge to induce camera shake.
But no one knows whether this indicates a trend or is simply a meaningless random clustering.
The odd thing is, no one has turned on a flashlight, and no streetlights or house lights wink on around them.
Until this discovery, no one knew that the northern shaft extended to the north as far as the southern shaft goes to the south.
No one ate the dusky seaside sparrow or hunted it for sport.
But of course no one on that field is worried about an earthquake.
However, your parents have decided that no one will go to the beach.
No one has ever filmed the inside of a tornado-where wind can chew asphalt off a road and drive wooden splinters into tree trunks.
No one is sure what is causing the worldwide warm-up.
No one knows who they were, what they wanted, or where they went.
No one knows whether the species is truly a freshwater fish or if it can also move into the ocean.
But no one ever acknowledged his feelings or seemed to care about his pets' deaths.
But they also spent time and treasure creating hidden underground mausoleums that no one was ever meant to see.
One key to an ant colony, for example, is that no one's in charge.
No one knows what the consequences will be as the proportion of human cells in an animal increases.
No one escapes addiction--no one--without self-change.
No one contests the fact that those brutal evictions took place to secure agribusiness interests, palm or sugar cane.
Corrective action is what no one will choose to avoid but abide.
Until recently, no one understood much about how the molten lava rises up into the ridges.
No one knows, because no one knows what ball lightning is, and it might not be a spark at all.
Despite many searches, no one has found any remnant of the impact body.
They are so extreme, in fact, that no one really knows what they are.
Dark matter, the substance no one has ever seen, continues to baffle cosmologists.
And they found that folks who had thought about fast food would then read faster, even though no one told them to hurry.
For years no one has known exactly how the three characteristics are related, if at all.
Yet when the earthquake struck, no one noticed-not even seismologists.
When you win the lottery, no one's asking you to justify it.
So everyone figured these new neurons must help make new memories, although no one knew how.
Although no one knows what those mummies were eating, it's safe to say they never encountered a corn dog.
Yet when the earthquake struck, no one noticed--not even seismologists.
No one has yet devised a comprehensible or testable theory of the soul.
Why does no one talk about attacking the fundamental cause: too many humans.
No one could enter the charmed circle of his friendship without feeling the mastery of his personality.
No one is so old that he cannot still learn something.
No one looks divine on a horse who is not thin as a shingle.
No one thought of the blood that had flowed so lately.
No one can adequately reduce these things of the spirit to phrases or to a catalogue of definitions.
No one can look into futurity and say what will be the destiny of this country.
No one knows for sure what the images represent or why they were painted.
Even though it was one of the first dinosaurs to be scientifically described, no one has found a complete skeleton of it.
But no one knows whether these eleventh-hour efforts will succeed.
They yield to the leaders of their group, but they also sneak off to engage in clandestine affairs when no one's looking.
No one had ever handled food services for an event this size.
No one should have ever been allowed to build automobiles.
No one seemed to care about what was historically accurate and what had been made up.
None of these species are listed as endangered, but no one knows the potential impact from thousands of deaths each year.
But no one likes the traffic, the crowds, the sudden infusion of citified bustle and self-importance.
Five years ago, almost no one had ever heard of him.
He has tried to return home, he says, but no one will take him.
No one who was there, or who watched it on television, could escape the memory of what took place before their eyes.
No one player can dominate a game without the help of the rest of his team.
No one has any clue how to fix the gloomy situation.
No one has said anything here about value as being dependent on belief.
When no one is peeking, however, it acts in a really odd way.
No one doubts that there are lots of empty flats, but equally no one doubts that there is lots of demand.
When he applied, he knew no one who could advise him on how to get in.
No one knows what will happen when those leases expire.
No one will want to borrow in a currency that is only ever going to strengthen, increasing the value of their debts.
No one had even bothered to work out a chronology for them.
No one, it seems, has a bad word to say about smart grids.
But the returns to that are limited if no one wants to borrow.
Inside the euro zone, no one can be forced to devalue because no one has a currency to mark down.
No one was certain of the true figure, but it was a lot.
On financial reform, no one really agrees about anything.
Indeed, no one seems to know how they can be restarted.
There was an actual band member upstairs, but no one was interested.
He advised me that no one else in the world could have done it.
No one else is going to sing your praises and you usually do not get a second chance in these situations.
The world's best pool player sees shots no one else can.
Almost no one reviews radio shows, and newspapers bury what scant radio listings they print.
No one knows how many poetry readings take place each year, but surely the total must run into the tens of thousands.
Some envious outsider made the suggestion that no one was eligible for membership who was not white enough to show blue veins.
No one expects to find a gene for loyalty, but maybe there are genes for herding behavior or retrieving or guarding.
He sought no one's approval and was afraid of nothing.
The music is in the room and then it is gone and naturally enough no one knows what to say.
While frustration over yet another bank fee is understandable, this one should surprise no one.
So even though almost no one in the military is a raving nativist loon, many of the raving nativist loons may be in the military.
No one expected serious discussion of national imperatives when the business of the day was honoring fallen soldiers.
Fists flew and shots were fired, though luckily no one was badly injured.
And no one has yet designed a hybrid commercial airplane.
In this case, no one seems to have taken that requirement seriously.
When exclusives did come along, no one could afford them.
No one with any scientific sense now disagrees about the severity of the climate crisis.
The problem is that no one has perfected the recipe.
But on the phone, no one can predict when it's their turn, and people cut each other off or pause too long.
Despite reams of research, no one can give a definitive answer.
If there were no more buffer overflows, no one would have to buy products to protect against their effects.
No one, as far as the doctors knew, had ever been born with the condition.
Others may speak with louder voices, but no one is placing a bigger bet on cars with cords.
No one really understands how to use the machine, so people essentially improvise.
But you might be surprised to learn that no one knows exactly how anesthetics stop nerves from carrying pain signals.
But so far no one's come up with a way to put the bullies in their place.
Currently no one knows what is behind the change, or the regional differences.
The obstacle was that no one knew how e-books should be read.
Too many deliberate misspellings of brand names to avoid the in-box filters-no one will know what you're selling.
If you're wrong, no one will call you on it, because being right or wrong isn't really the point.
No one seemed to know much about him or where he'd gone.
No one much likes it when something-an empty cab, an out-of-service subway train, summer-goes by without stopping.
That's why no one who has been inside a prison, if only for a day, can ever forget the feeling.
No one the writer spoke to believes that climate change can be successfully addressed solely by creating a market.
Perhaps no one should be surprised at this turn of events.
Don't go to graduate school-it's expensive, and no one cares about writing degrees.
In other words, no one is facing away from the camera.
No one else could make me laugh-genuinely laugh aloud-as he could.
She drank then, too, but for a long time no one knew.
Insects have long been the best fliers around, but no one knew what kept them in the air--until now.
The details are unclear, but one gunman is dead and it appears no one else was injured.
No one would confuse having the creeps with being terrified.
But no one knew whether treating it in people who are still in grave danger would be any use.
But no one knew if there was a solvent that could do the job.
No one has satisfactorily answered why inflation occurred.
And no one will dispute that he has done groundbreaking work in his career.
But why this particular plastic is so effective, no one's really sure.
For decades, no one has thought of higher animals as being total genetic automatons.
But no one suggested how contaminations could be avoided if the deadly concentrates remained on the market.
No one knows what's going to happen as the two species converge.
In other words, truth is an illusion, and no one can ever really know anything.
Methane may level off anyway, or its concentration may start increasing again at an accelerating rate--no one knows for sure.
No one had actually looked medically at what happened to traders when they were caught up in a bubble.
No one seems to mention this in reporting this story.
Despite these advantages, no one has succeeded in making efficient quantum-dot solar cells.
When it comes to microprocessors there is no one size fits all.
Even with the ballot serial number and the secret code, no one would be able to tell how the user voted.
No one has made any solar panels that are cost effective yet.
No one, including the government, seems willing to bet billions and billions of dollars on a new reactor technology.
We don't seem to be able to build more transmission lines because no one wants one running over their property.
If they are not producing at a high enough level then no one will buy them.
No one can derive block time without extraneous definitions.
No one can accurately ascertain how much oil is escaping or how long before the tide can be stemmed.
No one, except those trying to stop the water's spread, got wet.
No one knows why, he said, but one reason might be rapid changes in eating habits and food processing over the last half century.
No one need worry about crude gushing out of their shower heads.
No one spoke against it at a hearing earlier this month.
Plus, no one wants to say how the data are stored and secured, or for how long they are kept.
No one wants to give you a private, independent life insurance policy.
The metropolitan artist has no dearth of opportunities to see and speak to no one at all.
In the handful of tenure cases now in dispute, no one makes such a claim.
It surprised him, when he came back, to discover that his father knew no one.
No one can be sure, because the movement resists scrutiny.
He gives you scenes that no one else has managed to capture.
But no one expects that any such arrangement is now possible.
Whether the cricket is dead or alive, traditional wisdom is evidently defunct, a tedious chirp no one has time for.
For that reason, no one thought it necessary to include an outpatient prescription drug benefit in the program.
No one can predict the details of these showers, even where the underlying theory is known, and hardly anyone cares.
Excellent results against which no one has a word to say.
It did so secretively, and no one would ever own up to the decision.
Probably no one else was paying much attention, and he was the first to notice.
No one is rewarded or punished because of these tests.
No one can prepare for them, nor is there any incentive to cheat.
No one knows whether the clemency appeals are even read.
No one wants to do an intermission there, so they may slightly raise the lights and sell drinks and things in the aisles.
No one knew how exacting he was-a mad perfectionist with an aesthetic few would understand.
No one has personified the enlivening, or degradation, of public-affairs programming more than he.
No one does it that way, but they did it, so it can be done.
During the years that followed, no one could have accused her of playing it safe with typecasting.
No one disagrees and yet gender inequality in high-paying positions extends into all professions.
He even bets the film crew that he can give a sermon about a banana-bread recipe and no one will question him.
It's a question no one who knew them before their meltdown seems to be able to answer.
No one in his family was present at his arraignment, which the press duly noted.
No one who was perfectly happy in their primary relationship gets into a second one.
In fact, no one has been skiing as well as she has over the past two years.
We live in an age when nothing is to be kept private, nothing is to be borne in silence, no one is too proud to stoop to conquer.
The short answer is that people copy one another, and no one likes to be that unique.
It's terra incognita, a place no one expected to visit.
No one should lose their job because of the genes they inherited.
No one is home for long periods of the day and you do not have a programmable thermostat.

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