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More than three-quarters of agriculture's nitrous oxide emissions result from manmade fertilizers.
The motors burn an unusual fuel: a combination of recycled rubber and nitrous oxide.
Among the gases available for inhaling was nitrous oxide.
What a gamma ray burst would do is to ionize the upper atmosphere, which would then recombine to form nitrous oxides.
To top it off, oceanic nitrogen is converted to nitrous oxide, a greenhouse gas.
Other greenhouse gases emitted by natural and artificial sources also include methane, nitrous oxide, and fluorinated gases.
Nitrous oxide comes from agricultural technology and fossil fuel burning.
Nitrous oxide is damaging the ozone layer and the climate.
When plant matter decays, it releases nitrogen in the form of nitrous oxide.
To prevent the animals from controlling their own gaze, the researchers began by sedating them with nitrous oxide.
And nitrous oxides are corrosive, which means equipment downwind will deteriorate much faster.
Some people with low tolerance for the ultrasonic probe may wish to request nitrous oxide.
Nitrous oxide's chemical characteristics and interactions in the atmosphere contribute to its significance as a greenhouse gas.

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