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Example sentences for ninth

It was also the ninth consecutive year that the increases have beaten inflation.
Reading my rudimentary essays aloud, even in the ninth grade, led to eurekas.
Runes went out of use during the ninth and tenth centuries.
All three, probably, belong to the end of the ninth century and all have a homiletic tendency.
The popular politician had been nominated on the ninth ballot as his party's candidate.
The world economy in the ninth century had two powerful engines.
These had been repeated in the report of the latest-ninth-commission to inquire into the riots.
If so, that will mark the ninth straight year of strong profitability for the industry.
Marlboro, whose fifty-ninth session gets under way next week, is a singular phenomenon.
After the wave of renewed barbarian invasions of the ninth century there was steadier progress, built on more solid foundations.
If he gets up and walks away, he'll climb right back to the ninth floor and jump again.
Notably, groundwater arsenic is the only naturally occurring pollution problem-and it is in ninth place.
He had a history of antisocial, psychopathic behavior dating back to his ninth year.
Upstairs, the ninth-deck bar had also become a town plaza.
We followed the grain as it was sifted, sorted, and purified through many steps from the ninth down through the first floor.
The betting handle at the track itself is down to about one ninth of that bet on the races from all sources.

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