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Touch-screen technology has become wildly popular, thanks to smart phones designed for nimble fingers.
That's hard to believe from someone so nimble.
My brain just isn't nimble enough for that.
Rosen's deep knowledge of basketball history and his nimble prose make this bittersweet sports novel a light swish.
She appears in the mirror, a mother's nimble fingers working at the noose my son has accidentally created.
The woman had a nimble laugh.
His regime is usually regarded as being canny, and relatively nimble.
Basketball requires strong hands and nimble fingers.
One has to be nimble and go almost anywhere in this employment climate.
He's little more than a nimble-footed, narcissistic opportunist.
It bounces you around like a small truck, but isn't as nimble.
They aren't wide, but if you're nimble, you can perch there to get above the crowd.
All cats are nimble and agile, and their long tails aid their outstanding balance.
These animals are nimble and fast, which is fortunate, because they are a popular target for many predators.
Kayak manufacturers have followed suit with sleeker more nimble vessels.
They often hunt in large groups, and are nimble enough to snare flying fish from the air.
Up is as easy as down for nimble bighorn sheep, sprinting over steep slopes in a blur of early snowfall and their own speed.
When one target is shored up, nimble transnational cells that can turn on a dime simply find new bull's-eyes.
One of our internal values is the nimble yet professional risk-taking entrepreneur.
Over time, they slowly turned into meat-eaters and evolved to swim after nimble aquatic prey.
In the water, naval submarines could be made more nimble.
He realized that he was marginally less nimble than others and that because of his size he had some disadvantages on small waves.
Apple has historically been nimble with pushing new connectivity standards.
Designing a nimble, survivable off-road vehicle will push the boundaries of design.
Lighter cars can be more nimble on the road, offering performance and handling benefits.
They are the key to being nimble in a global economy.
And a fund's record is often best when it's small and nimble.
Justine is nimble and can jump higher and farther than the others.
Spoofing dance movies is an inspired notion, and this spoof occasionally hits its mark with nimble execution.
Bankers and finance directors have had to be particularly nimble.
Nonetheless, the firms have emerged surprisingly nimble and profitable from recession.
Far-sighted and nimble sourcing, needless to say, has become more important than ever.
They speak touchingly of his awe-inspiring dexterity and nimble hands.
Therefore, nimble, visionary fi rms are adjusting to new environmental realities.
As a consequence, nimble newcomers could well gobble up the business before established brands can get their acts together.
But that culture may not be ideally suited to creating the innovations and nimble new businesses the green strategy requires.
We are more nimble and disciplined, and customers are coming back.
Learning and speaking two languages requires the brain to work harder, which helps keep it nimble.
Not only are digital displays nimble, but they also allow outdoor ad agencies to sell the same real estate more than once.
He was a nimble and jubilant-sounding rapper who always chose charm over aggression.
He is intellectually nimble but prefers the premeditated, which is a departure from his predecessor.
Finally, to tinkling vaudeville music, she does some nimble soft-shoe steps.
We have taken many steps toward building a nimble, effective emergency response system and culture of preparedness.
The system will be flexible as costs change and nimble when making adjustments required by its customers.
Panelists explore how to make the grid more resilient and nimble, saving energy and forestalling blackouts.
The system's too old and it's not nimble enough for today's activity.
Airliners are unlike candidates for symmetrical airfoils, but nimble aerobatic aircraft often feature these.

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