nightstand in a sentence

Example sentences for nightstand

It's a small lamp that sits on the nightstand and projects a soft light onto the ceiling.
It is furnished with a bed, a nightstand, a small dresser and little else.
First the shoes came off, then the coins went on the nightstand.
There was no claim that her fingerprints were on the container of marijuana located in a nightstand in a bedroom.
It will sit quietly on your desk or nightstand until an alarm is sounded.
Horrified onlookers said their friend grabbed the gun from a nightstand, pointed it at himself, and acted confused.
Another one-cc syringe was found in the bedroom along with some white pills that were found on the nightstand.
In a nightstand next to the bed, the officers found a methamphetamine pipe and a small butane torch.
The units are furnished with a bed, nightstand and dresser for each resident, along with a dining table and chairs.
Officers also observed a bulletproof vest on the floor between the dresser and nightstand.
However, officers found cocaine on a nightstand next to the bed.
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