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They draw you into the garden and give you a reason to celebrate the long nights of winter.
Most of the country has warm, sunny days and cool nights.
That's the only thing that kept me going some nights.
The whole business about having to work at nights and weekends--give me a break.
We had a freeze a few nights ago, and are definitely in fall mode here.
By the end the nights were bitter, the star had lost her glitter, but he was hanging in there.
The old days in which a manager was willing to put on a play for a few nights were going fast, and with them went our early drama.
By years of practice he had trained himself to sit for hours through the long nights neither asleep nor awake.
Lie ten nights awake, carving the fashion of a new doublet.
Factories moved shifts to nights and weekends, when demand for power is slacker.
Something else may soon be included in the list: brighter nights.
The promo is tiered, so that means after every four nights you earn an additional set of bonus points.
Radiation fog forms on generally clear, cool nights.
They also have long, thick hair that insulates them during cold nights and protects them from hot sun during the day.
Today the five-bedroom dwelling is open to the public, for a minimum of two nights.
Some research has also suggested that migratory birds are also more likely to experience turbine collisions on low wind nights.
During the freezing nights, he stood guard on the building's roof, ready to extinguish fires caused by the bombing.
Makes one wonder if there ever was a time when days and nights were almost consecutive.
Nevertheless, all experimental subjects recovered to relative normality within one or two nights of recovery sleep.
Cloudy nights stay warmer, but on a clear night, you can feel the energy being sucked right out of your body.
Come and live in my body for a month, or even a few nights, see how it feels.
It also allows me to leave a bit earlier several nights a week to go to the gym without stressing about it.
It could rain for forty thousand days and nights and not raise the sea level.
The forecast calls for a stretch of deeply frozen nights.
It is a case of two brave old marathon dancers, each holding the other up, with long days and nights of shuffling still to go.
They move with wind, so probably they'd be motion-blurred to the eye, and only be slow enough on fairly still nights.
We are having clouded nights for the last two months.
Most climate researchers see retreating glaciers, thinning polar-sea ice, and warmer nights as evidence of human influence.
And round my way the past couple of nights have been pretty cloudless and the stars beautifully clear.
It is tidally locked to its sun so there are no days and nights.
We give up dining out and have spaghetti a couple of nights a week.
Some nights, these flames would be fairly low, but other nights they would be absolutely roaring.
Then stabbed me in the back with last nights finale.
Writing nights and weekends and publishing his works privately, he composed exactly how he wanted, freed from public taste.
Some nights she threw them all, some nights only a couple of pairs.
He worked all day and then, on many nights, he went out and got blind drunk.
Yes, daily down time and date nights are cathartic and healthy.
Most nights if you can be consistent with your defense if gives you a chance to win if you are not shooting well.
Most nights if you can be consistent with your defense it gives you a chance to win if you are not shooting well.

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