nightmarish in a sentence

Example sentences for nightmarish

These are all nightmarish programs to run administratively.
Navigating the grid of city streets seems nightmarish.
It was possible these were human hides-that in itself was a nightmarish thought.
There's not much emotional weight to the proceedings because the character is such a nightmarish concoction of negativity.
The anglerfish is equally nightmarish, mysterious, and interesting.
That's a nightmarish scenario for historical artifacts.
The nightmarish domestic terminal is being replaced, and a third terminal is going up.
The way now lies open for a full accounting of this nightmarish affair.
Yes, my life is surreal in a nightmarish sort of way.
The puppet sheep that attended the wool meeting was nightmarish.
Although every writer drifts into daydreams of winning the prize, actually having it can produce some nightmarish side effects.
We all know that he's facing a nightmarish budget situation and that there's only so much anyone can do.
Inside, though, it's been transformed into a nightmarish landscape.
For many homeowners, water-wise landscaping brings to mind nightmarish visions of cacti, rock and cattle skulls.
There are a lot of grisly and nightmarish aspects on this vessel.
Early safety precautions can help keep these trick-or-treat excursions festive rather than nightmarish.
Other forms of transport grow daily more nightmarish.
Although the restrictions made conditions on board nightmarish, the deceptions worked.
His suffering from this nightmarish ordeal continues to this day.
She describes her past nightmarish highs and lows and her relief when finally diagnosed at thirty-five and treated with lithium.
Such nightmarish scenarios will become more common as poll workers become more scarce.
To uphold this theory would create a nightmarish scenario for both companies and employees.
Until, that is, a nightmarish incident blasted away his newfound convictions.
But as the trip turns nightmarish, the two boys find strength in their new friendship.
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