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But for many of them, the dream is becoming more of a nightmare.
We can strategize to dream about a particular subject, solve a problem or end a recurring nightmare.
If the dream of education reformers is simply to get rid of unions, it will turn into a nightmare.
Digital recording is a music lover's dream but a music company's nightmare.
But working with the stuff can be an environmental nightmare.
No longer are low light and fast-paced conditions a photog's nightmare.
You're late, the traffic is a nightmare and you're yelling at the kids to stop fighting in the back.
Computers play an increasingly important role under the hood of our cars, which can make repairing your ride a nightmare.
Indifferent staff, it is an all around nightmare if you are caught up in it.
What is developing is worse than any nightmare scenario dreamed up by opponents of nuclear.
There are those who see modern history as an enthralling tale of progress, and those who view it as one long nightmare.
We will be not only desperate to find a cure but also to recognize the cause and stop the nightmare.
For the software industry, it's a billion-dollar nightmare.
It's really a logistical nightmare and not easily and consistently applied.
Its these trolls who frequent airports that have driven down the cost of travel and made it a nightmare for everyone.
For something so essential and basic, sleep has turned out to be a complicated biological nightmare for scientists.
She is a nightmare who is now committed to indefinite residential treatment.
It took decades for the local communities and politicians to finally end this nightmare.
Then there is the logistical nightmare of getting faculty members to post on time.
We decided on a self-sufficient lifestyle and walked into a nightmare.
But the students would freak, and my grading load would be a nightmare.
He's no one's perfect candidate, but he's no one's nightmare.
It could be used, but it would be a nightmare to harvest it close to cities or anywhere that would be busy.
Protesting or grieving every comment that's not absolutely stellar, causing a throughput nightmare.
Fractals are totally predictable, even if writing them is a logical nightmare.
My advisor was really keen for that minimal bromate oscillator that was making my life in the lab a nightmare.
Where the article is correct is its perception of the bureaucratic nightmare of small-minded incompetent clerks.
The chief was quick to grasp the logistical nightmare he faced.
The nightmare that haunts many companies is that older workers spell rigidity.
The original earthquake and the subsequent tsunami-the triggers of the nuclear nightmare-have almost been overshadowed.
But the verbs tend to be irregular, the grammar bizarre and the match between spelling and pronunciation a nightmare.
What began as a curator's nightmare has become a hot date.
National accounts would be a nightmare if in tallying each purchase, it was necessary to know the income of the buyer.
However, these brilliant efforts did not end the nightmare.
Nightmare offers an optional paranormal show for an additional fee.
Sure, the church woke me up, but someday it might wake me up from a nightmare of being strangled by a rainbow.
He was an editor acquainted with the nightmare of the empty page, the blank magazine.
Fiction is one giant pseudo-statement, a fact-checker's nightmare.
It's still a bit of a nightmare for the widget-averse, but otherwise everything works swimmingly.
Trying to track things down in the military is a nightmare-poor record keeping, nepotism abounds, etc.
For that matter, alcohol also causes nightmare scenarios in real life, and at much higher frequency.
Data security has become a nightmare, and mobile computing has made it even worse.
But it is not a huge bureaucratic or technical nightmare.
Amazingly, however, an even worse intellectual-property nightmare is brewing.
Three wheels vehicles are a security nightmare, prone to overturn.
Bag matching could be a powerful deterrent but could prove to be an operational nightmare.
Some would say not as bad as a nightmare condom in the lung.
But it could be half that and still be a planetary nightmare.
It appeared that his long nightmare might finally be ending.
To put it another way, a reactor meltdown is a nightmare.
Switching from left- to right-side drive-a mechanic's nightmare-can be done in seconds with a gentle push.
It's frustrating because it makes normal daily tasks an absolute nightmare.
The overcrowded, polluted, impoverished world from before was a joy compared with the daily nightmare you now endure.
As often happens, the road suddenly transforms from a well-paved street to a pothole-ridden nightmare.
These social difficulties made his choreographic career a nightmare at many points.
She is convinced that her motion has made real the nightmare that always flickers in the distance.
Still, the full nightmare world of medicalized fear and punishment came to an end.
The effect, throughout the novel, is that of something between a summer daydream and a nightmare.
Their error was picked up elsewhere and repeated, and snowballed into a political nightmare.
They quietly ponder the nightmare they lived through.
Later she admits that this was the one positive outcome from the nightmare.
Oh, yes, designing a system to achieve this would be a nightmare--maybe impossible.

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