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Example sentences for nightfall

He was supposed to be evacuated that day, but communication problems and the darkness of nightfall made it impossible.
The lights stay on longer, as people have to eat after nightfall.
The few bulldozers that arrived promptly to sift through the rubble stopped working at nightfall.
By nightfall, the shower of debris had grown denser-and deadlier.
He did not give them another break until after nightfall, when they were allotted six hours for supper and sleep.
By nightfall, conditions inside the engine house had grown desperate.
Then they'd run up to their house and taken their posts, holding them through nightfall.
Next morning the reckoning begins, so that by nightfall eleven students are permanently expelled.
No real tramp crosses that frontier after nightfall and in the day-time only to beg.
Then brushwood is piled about it, and at nightfall the whole is set on fire.
The last canoes were brought down and moored to the bank at nightfall.
It was toward nightfall before the police could restore order.
All summer it dominates the heavens after nightfall.
He ventures out of the family's apartment to visit friends and family only after nightfall.
At nightfall, bunk in a cozy cottage with a private garden.
Take morning intro lessons and you'll be skimming the sound by nightfall.
By nightfall, heaps of debris fan out around the openings.
Till nightfall, and then she crosses the road and she goes on up.
From daybreak to nightfall, it's jammed with traffic.
He hoped for a bowl of rice and a mud hut by nightfall.
Come nightfall, they still toiled, aided by a fire truck's flood-lights.
At nightfall, their eyeballs blink with flashes of bewitching light.
Don't go anywhere by yourself after nightfall, and avoid carrying cash when possible.
Creek walking near nightfall, or in an area where the current is strong or swift, is inadvisable.
However, they can drop drastically by nightfall, so you should bring a light jacket or sweater.
Notice to fruit growers and nurserymen of release of trailing blackberry cultivar nightfall.
The search agencies will continue to search until nightfall tonight and resume the search at first light in the morning.
By nightfall a perimeter was closed, with crews spending the night at the fire lines to watch for flare-ups.
These bats emerge at late dusk or after nightfall to forage among trees or over water.
They had to suspend their search shortly after arriving because of nightfall.
Nightfall was on its way, but tornadoes were still forming.
Some people felt fine in the morning but died by nightfall.
By nightfall, the mud wall had the semblance of a field fortification but the work went on one shift relieving another.
Before nightfall a single flower was dropped into the letterbox of each house to protect it against evil fairies.
Reduce leaf wetness periods by watering the plants when the foliage is dry and with sufficient time to dry before nightfall.
After noon, melting snow water will increase flows until nightfall.
He recommended that residents end travel by nightfall.

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