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It is this habit that's given rise to their nickname, honey bears.
Everyone forgets the obvious: they have that nickname because they outnumbered every other living generation.
Such troglodytes, as their nickname suggests, often come from unfashionable parts of the country.
The bike earned its nickname because of the cooling fins on its cylinder head.
One reason the headquarters deserve that nickname is for their filth and disarray.
Plus, the school wants a new nickname for the field and are asking visitors to its website to chime in and vote.
There is some dispute about the origins of his nickname, but there is no dispute about his willingness to try anything.
Writer mentions several criminals by name, nickname and/or alias.
His latest nickname refers to his new career--designing, building, and selling specialty furniture.
He came abruptly from nowhere, to make his portrait an emblem and his nickname a byword in cities around the world.
Beyond the spooky nickname, however, the grand conjunction is a celestial dud.
But the lab's real treasures are the ones that give it its nickname: the whale warehouse.
The nickname describes not so much his demeanor as his ursine size and his habit of greeting friends with bear hugs.
From the president on down, almost everyone has a nickname and uses it.
They deeply resent their nickname: the first family of corporate welfare.
The crowd at the restaurant cheered, whistled, and screamed out his nickname repeatedly.

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