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Also realize that some niche products are designed to stay as niche products.
Once upon a time, "niche" automakers had unique appeal that wasn't for everyone.
As a photographer, you want to have a niche.
Unconventional methods find a niche among teachers of English.
The book has found a niche in school curricula, as well.
The future lies very much within niche social networks,
We had a niche—and we were the only one in it.
Develop a niche market or niche product line that enables you to be distinct.
Each one has her own little table and her own window niche for her work.
They take advantage of every ecological niche, growing crops in valleys and grazing llamas and alpacas on to bleak mountaintops.
Today, he says, public interest is shifting to a huge number-the long tail-of individual niche interests.
Directly below the sidewalk, a volunteer scratches up dirt in a niche formed largely by the bones of dead mammoths.
There is probably not a niche for eating whole birds that happen to be dead.
Each artist elevates a certain niche of craft to another level while constructing stories.
E-books remained a niche market, mostly neglected by large trade publishers.
Products often get made because they're cheaper, or have some interesting gimmick, or can be targeted at a particular niche.
At the same time, the global market has become so huge that you can occupy a high-end niche and still sell a lot of units.
But there is good reason for everyone-not only the ironically appropriate niche digerati crowd-to reclaim handwriting.
Royal scandals and scandalous royals have become my nonfiction niche.
Occupying a similar niche in the open ocean is the blue shark, which travels huge distances in search of food.
It implies too much weight to what are often niche groups.
Low-emission electricity generation will be achieved in part through niche sources such as wind and biofuels.
Humans definitely possess the capacity to find its niche peacefully in nature.
But as far as the first goal is fulfilled, organic food production will always find a niche in our global economy.
While a given species may disappear, a different one is moving into the vacated niche.
Each niche must find the method that is best suited for it.
Strange though, that it all runs opposite to genetic results of niche occupation.
High speed data to remote areas would never be more than a niche market that would not be worth developing.
As the deer mowed down the native species that competed it left buckthorn an uncontested niche.
Learn to use it in socially useful ways, in this new niche.
As with all technologies, and advancement in technology, this too with find its niche value.
Provider of online business courses cuts costs and expands its offerings to try to find its niche.
Yes, there will always be a niche market for print, but we're not talking about niche markets.
In a complex and vast landscape of higher education, it is important for universities to find their own niche in the market.
If you can find that kind of unique niche, you need never speak to anyone.
So nearly all student-athletes, despite their evident dedication to their sport, will find their ultimate niche in life elsewhere.
To think, these charitable types will literally then sit up on high and come up with niche solutions.
But they won't necessarily be familiar with the latest developments in your particular niche.
While finding your niche among all the various possibilities is a challenge, it can also be quite rewarding.
It is a means to an end, which is to find your own niche in your own context.
But there is little to suggest that television is growing a long tail of niche interests.
The second main kind of blogs are, in effect, niche magazines that choose to publish in a blog format.
But they are stuck in a niche, serving people in transit.
Hedge-fund managers are well aware of the limits of specialising in niche products.
For years entertainment insurance has been a small but profitable niche.
But the obstacles have proved insurmountable for all but niche applications, such as medical imaging.
It has spawned a new niche for the tourist industry, as stiff-hipped northerners fly south to learn to loosen up.
The resulting shift of viewing towards the small and niche has put great strain on established broadcasters.
It seems to me that it would be pretty irresponsible to try and draw broad conclusions from such an unusual economic niche.
Investors may be looking for niche plays in the small and midcap areas.
They tend to be smallish outfits that make high-quality niche products.
Alternative-energy vehicles are at present a niche market.
But it failed to make bolder moves, such as merging or culling services or consigning niche ones to online channels.
When looking for an energy source, biofuels can never be more than a niche.
Yet merely five years ago wireless networking was a niche technology.
Publications prosper when they occupy a niche in which they excel.
They were not some early croc offshoot that filled the niche that would later be occupied by predatory dinosaurs.
But in the modern media landscape, a hardcore niche of fans can be all you need.
No one could ever devote a publication to such a niche phenomenon, but there is someone out there who could curate one.
Industry insiders wrote off this long, difficult film as a niche movie.
They may have sold well, but their appeal was niche.
Convenience stores occupy a strange niche in our landscape.
Small producers of niche capital goods have also seen a surge in orders.
They must first be tested in niche markets, where some succeed but many fail.
At this point, it's far too early to predict how this market niche will develop.
Having a niche product does have a few disadvantages, experts say.
Nissan is aiming for a high-profile niche market when it comes to selling its new utility van: food trucks.
The loyalty component is more important with niche players than it is with a large player.
Looking over the list, they are all fairly popular, even if some are niche vehicles.
Part of the ongoing declines in traditional sport comes from participant growth in niche sports.
It is a peculiar niche, but one in which he seems to feel entirely at home, if not entirely comfortable.
Politics may not be the national sport again, but it's a niche sport with the right audience.
There are so many more programs, and so much more niche programming.
For that time, they filled a perfect niche-they were grown-up but not aging.
It's a niche worry, and should be optional for the traveling public.
Work with a small niche application to gain a foot hold and make money, is a great way to fund further development.
But thermoelectric materials have not been efficient enough to move beyond niche applications.
Without color, reflective displays will be limited to niche markets, he says.
Production has been limited in many cases to specialty chemicals or niche products.
They are used in niche applications such as power generation on spacecraft and temperature-controlled car seats.
They might find a niche for lightweight, flexible solar cells in aircraft and drones.
As a result, they've been limited to niche applications, such as providing quick bursts of power in some hybrid transit buses.
Wound welding is a high-tech dream that could become a clinical reality soon-if it finds the right niche.
Apple gets credit for bringing niche technology to the mainstream by refining the user experience.
High power recharging is nearly useless outside niche applications.
The solar cells may have a small niche in the market right now.
But now the technology is advancing far enough for production runs in niche markets such as medical devices.
The potential niche of small molds for elaborate metal jewelry might be worth exploring.
In short, the price of building wind power must come down if it's ever to be more than a niche technology.
Instead, many cities banned them, and it's been relegated to niche applications.
Also, off the subject, consider positive effects of niche markets for some technologies.
It is a congested niche, which already has major established players in it.
Using hydrogen electrolysis could make some sense to make practical liquid or gaseous fuels for niche applications.
And finally, niche distributors are searching for distinctive content as a way to attract upscale, college-educated consumers.
Instead of cows, giant flightless geese filled that niche.
Hare thinks bonobos became domesticated by occupying an ecological niche that favored selection for less aggressive tendencies.
We are a collection of volunteers and starting a new initiative in a community in the same niche.
Bacteria have also evolved to leap from one niche to another to another.
Such scaled-down models are intended for niche applications off the grid-for instance, in developing nations.
For that matter, there isn't much in our niche that requires us to have eyes on our heads at all.
And there is unquestionably a contrarian niche market.
But genre and niche boundaries are notoriously slippery.
We will still have to struggle to find out ecological niche and work together to maintain our civilization.
The species isolated on its shores evolved over time to fill nearly every ecological niche available.
Think of him as a forerunner of niche construction theory.
Niche-the functional role of a species in an ecosystem.
Potential offerors will submit, at their expense, one blank marble niche cover as a sample representative of the work to be done.
Fast-food outlets, for instance, are finding that midnight munchers can be a profitable niche.
Companies that specialize in this niche, which barely existed a few years ago, say they're expanding exponentially.

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