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Example sentences for nicely

Nay, that's certain: they that dally nicely with words may quickly make them wanton.
We are not too nicely to scrutinize motives as long as action is irreproachable.
Our own interest is again a marvellous instrument for nicely putting out our eyes.
And in both cases, the skin wasn't as nicely colored.
The frames in the honey super were filling in nicely.
And, as you can tell from the photos, it is surviving the mastiff's giant paws quite nicely.
Now, nearly two years after the redesign, the oak is recovering nicely and the resident deer are coexisting with the plants.
They are made from polyurethane plastic, so they'll hold moisture nicely and were a cinch to drill into.
The coffee flavor is subtle and works nicely with the rich chocolate.
Compact, twiggy plant that is nicely mounded, takes well to shearing.
Placing the new grafts inside a plastic garbage bag with the inside spritzed with water works nicely for this purpose.
Imagine that in your own garden nicely arranged and planted thank you for the info, cheers.
Also the various sizes and styles did not fit nicely in a plastic flat.
They're lightweight and can be eaten fresh or stirred into couscous or other dishes, where they'll wilt nicely.
Or to put it a bit more nicely, to see if the brains of people with different political leanings were truly different.
Known solitary species were rare, nicely matching the playbacks.
Until recently, much of modern earthquake theory was based on the idea that intervals between these events were nicely regular.
So fresh fruit desserts can work nicely with these drinks that are actually more naturally similar to the fruits themselves.
Of course it all dumped nicely into a bowl and was consumable.
Today you're nicely dressed, but you're wearing sneakers.
Oats and maple also pair nicely in scones, cookies or even beer.
Markets are recovering nicely from last month's battering.
However nicely they asked, it may be too late for that.
Multiple entrances are provided, which nicely suggests there is no one way to approach the art within.
As you can see, you get a graph of your citation metrics, and a nicely-formatted list of your publications.
Some writers have a tin ear when it comes to sliding a quotation nicely into a sentence.
And, true, he'll even throw in some jazz hands if you ask him nicely.
The interview cleaned up nicely, and the confusion was worth a good laugh.
Extraction here, filling there, braces to align the words nicely.
Torpedo-shaped candelabra bulbs fit nicely in small light fixtures such as sconces and designer lamps.
Nicely padded and contoured shoulder strap will not slip as you run for cover in a rain shower.
Whatever did this creature do to earn its place in the sun, a well-armored, nicely specialized dino might ask.
Bill characterized by being nicely parallel sided, lacking an expansion at the gonydeal angle.
Plan on getting nicely spritzed as you rappel alongside the cascade-instruction provided.
It also folds down and compresses nicely so you can stick it in a pouch or back jersey pocket once the sun starts to warm you up.
It's small package and lightweight design fits nicely in your svelte backpack until needed.
We've only used it once so far, but it works nicely.
The micro-fleece internal cuffs up the cozy factor and keep out the drafts nicely.
The first step after installation was a quick tutorial for beginners that was nicely laid out via slide show.
It settles nicely in your hand and boasts an intuitive touchscreen menu and controls.
Nicely motivates by projecting both the fun and sport of reading.
Despite the oceanic source, the virus grew nicely in fresh water amoebae.
Shutter lag was basically non-existent, and images were sharp and nicely balanced in all situations.
But the writing is so nicely crafted without being distractive.
The results also fit nicely with a few things scientists already know about stars.
Their theory fits nicely with a previous study, which found that shouts of triumph vary from culture to culture.
Rafter illustrates nicely how science develops in different social and political contexts.
Psychologists have nicely described the detriments of confirmation bias in the last few decades.
Many of the students do research projects, which are nicely written up and bound.
And this all dovetails nicely with the work that has been done concerning humans directly.
Whether you enjoy skiing in fluffy powder snow or nicely groomed slopes, there are so many options to choose from.
He throws in a nicely reharmonized turnaround at one point and he nails the note that really counts: the last one.
The nicely contoured seats are unusually comfortable.
The center hump, where the air bag resides, is a trim size and nicely sculpted.
And it looks great, too-the green of the scallions contrasts nicely against the pink flesh of the fish.
The ingredients in this version may seem a bit strange, but they actually go together quite nicely.
Taking the cover off at the end ensures that the skin browns up nicely.
Your goal is to develop an even, nicely browned surface without scorching.
But the straightforwardness of grilling is nicely balanced by an intriguing complexity.
Switch on the broiler and broil two minutes, or until the tortillas are nicely browned and crispy on the top.
Poor people paying nothing dovetails nicely with an overall strategy of starving government of revenue.
Conversely auditors and accountants are considered mind-numbing jobs, but they're paid nicely.
It comes out of either nicely, and both are good presentations.
But the truth is, it's not a question of nicely splitting the differences.
The limitations of his transgressions are nicely and artistically traced.
The principals perform their roles nicely, but there really isn't much for them to do.
The fresh asparagus and peas contrasted nicely with the chewy rice, in addition to providing color.
His images aren't always easy to talk about, they don't fit nicely into a sales meeting pitch.
Few of the color frames met his standards, but this one turned out nicely.
Here he's a pleasant-seeming chap-a sock salesman who wants everything to fit nicely.
In my bedroom it is sky blue, which goes nicely with the soft brown of the walls.
It was nicely played, and the relief from the band was audible.
The hijack itself is nicely under way by the end of the opening credits, so no one could accuse the director of hanging back.
Most of the characters from the earlier film return, their lives nicely endangered by fresh plights.
Deftly handled, nicely proportioned, this story has the sense of reality which is the earmark of good fantasy.
It is relatively easy to read, nicely organized, and contains some extremely interesting suggestions.
As it happens, they make a nicely complementary pair.
Even the specific notion that families can be seen as homeostatic systems seems to be thriving nicely.
When the eccentrics are simmering nicely, there's always a temptation to throw one more in the stew.
He is the funniest speaker so far, his humor nicely dependent on understatement and sarcasm.
It's nicely designed, and it succeeds at making it easy to connect with people while browsing.
But it doesn't all fit together as nicely as he and others think it should.
Matt and his team have created a significant company that is profitable, a market leader in its segment, and is growing nicely.
These displays lend themselves nicely to graphics applications, such as photo and video editing.
Since it is diffuse lighting, you may get some transmission through windows or quite nicely through an open window.
Film nicely rolls-off the highlights but the darker regions losses detail because of film grain and noise.
There's also the side benefit of shading roofs as the solar panels nicely block the sun.
Sometimes the researchers' findings square nicely with the aims of a particular program.
Luckily it's a nicely elegant piece of work, basically quantifying what we've already probably known qualitatively.
The theory dovetails nicely with other observations as well.
Initially, this seemed to play nicely into a part of our ancient family history.
But when you start lowering them down, the tubes look really nicely blue.
First, the holes are generally nicely circular or ovoid, not obviously tooth-shaped.
It's enjoyed a few printings since then, and still sells nicely.
Reserpine decreased the available serotonin, so that seemed to fit together nicely with the other discovery.
No incinerator atmosphere, else birds are toasted nicely out of the universe.
It is along the side of my left foot and shows nicely in my favorite pair of heels.
After this the device functioned normally, nicely cycling to order.
And its rings, which keep changing their orientation toward us, are now nicely tilted for our inspection.
Engineers flushed the domes with water to dissolve the salt, then pumped out the brine to create a nicely sealed cavern.
You've a nicely done site with lots of effort and good updates.
In a modern life, this philosophy can be nicely applied from boardrooms and business to private life.
Overall, the episode handled the onslaught of unnecessary but inoffensive celebrity cameos quite nicely.
They come on time, dress up nicely, and have great manners.
It went along nicely with the new, subdued theme song.
They flower nicely, but then the plants fall over, continuing to bloom on the ground.
If noise gets too loud from a neighbor's property, call the occupant and ask nicely to have them keep the noise down.
So dress nicely, update your resume, and do some handshaking at your local job fair.
The economy increasingly has the capacity to grow nicely without adding many workers.

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