nexus in a sentence

Example sentences for nexus

What separates the groups is a whole nexus of conditioning and background.
The company maintains that because it has no physical presence in the state, it has no nexus requiring it to collect tax.
Like it or not, money is at the nexus of energy and emissions decisions.
The nexus of influence has shifted in the last few years.
Some of his best insights lie at the nexus between these worlds.
This book will be required reading for anyone in politics or journalism, or anyone curious about their complicated nexus.
But the trend toward stability also is about finding the nexus between fashion and function.
Brooklyn in particular has become a major music nexus.
Finally, he hit on a nexus of relative originality and practicality.
Meat stock is the nexus of modern cooking.
Her past research focused on the nexus of food and energy.
Three: there is also some argument about the extent of the financial center-political system nexus.
Standing at a nexus of history, one can choose to apply pressure to nudge civilization in one of four directions.
There's a devilishly odd nexus of theology, mathematics and commercialism on the sixth day of the sixth month of the sixth year.
Our cover package deals with the nexus between social mobility and income inequality.
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