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Example sentences for next of kin

Generally, when someone is in critical condition or deceased, it is the hospital or police who notifies next of kin.
Please have your next of kin contact your behavioral health provider for an immediate psychiatric evaluation.
Local law requires the hospital to ask the next of kin whether to continue treatment.
Officials are withholding the officer's name pending notification of next of kin.
Moreover, his work is being done under the intense scrutiny of the department of health, outcome committees and next of kin.
Requests require the signature of the veteran or next of kin, if the veteran is deceased.
The investigating unit supervisor is responsible for notification of the next of kin for all other incidents.
List all next of kin of proper decree of kinship with names, addresses and ages, if minors.
These diagnostic tests are conducted after release of the body to the next of kin.

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