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Example sentences for newsworthy

Secondly, as current science news this story about laughter releasing endorphins hardly seems newsworthy.
There's nothing newsworthy in printing a statistic and the obsequiously aped concern of a politician.
Regardless, as long as this is an unidentified animal it is newsworthy and deserving of further investigation.
His press conferences are charming and workmanlike but rarely newsworthy.
Newsworthy events, however, have a tendency to occur at any hour.
But it seems to me it's newsworthy that a student at a major university could even think these things.
When scientists have newsworthy findings that are published in a journal, there may be a press conference about them.
It didn't make the news because it wasn't all that newsworthy.
Apparently he has enough respect from others to raise a few million dollars, launch a new blog, and have it be a newsworthy event.
It doesn't even matter if they're doing anything newsworthy.
Financial experts would be needed to determine whether any of it was at all newsworthy.
For the same reason, cloud computing outages are considered newsworthy.
The bone marrow was the source of the stem cells that made the procedure newsworthy.
Individually, the disclosures are trivial: some would be barely newsworthy if published legally.
Besides, anything involving polar bears is objectively newsworthy.
Science journals unleash tip sheets on reporters weekly, describing potentially newsworthy results from their upcoming studies.
Science journals unleash tip sheets on reporters weekly, describing potentially newsworthy results of their upcoming studies.
Somehow, the networks haven't seen this as newsworthy.
But she never anticipated that her own family's drama would become newsworthy.
Defense has been this team's calling card all season, so when it fails at any point, it's newsworthy.
Every newspaper or news organization decides what seems newsworthy and how to cover it.
Coaching changes are so common among figure skaters that they rarely are newsworthy, per se.
Merely being there suddenly is about as newsworthy as a pit stop.
Journalists and publishers do not think that dogs are newsworthy unless they can fan the flames to ban particular breeds.
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