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There is no social position that she wants, or new order of society with her own place in it imagined.
Big ideas were in the air, a new order of things on the way.
Peace would then depend on the other dimensions of the new order--the number of poles and the distribution of power among them.
The rise of this new order will have a profound impact on nearly all of the world's big-picture, long-term trends.
It was a political moment when the old order could no longer govern, and the new order wasn't ready.
Some companies could find themselves scrambling to roll with the new order.
We sense the truth of the new order intuitively, not through reductionism.
He has to depend on him in much, in the new order of things.
The new order eliminates a requirement that devices scan the airwaves for available signals.
In each trial, the amino acids would have to be separated one by one, and be arranged in a new order.
Defenders of the proposed new order point out that no public television station need take everything that is transmitted.
The new order also is too small to bring the shipyard back to peak employment.
The romantic in every reader yearns for a new order to sweep aside the impediments of the old.
The country has a long way to go before calm can resume or a stable new order emerge.
Attempt to impose a new order from the outside and violence is all but sure to erupt.
Such uncertainties are inevitable in the early days of the new order.
The respective header files have also been updated to show the new order.
The handbook is rapidly bringing new order to the field.
Only by rallying around the new order can the people become a nation.
Even if the world has not fully achieved a peaceful new order, its tolerance for political mugging is declining dramatically.

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