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Example sentences for new media

Real-time video performance and new media applications.
Video leads parade as old media and new media hook up.
Another draw for families is the technology and art gallery that features new media art exhibits.
We've seen the power of inclusion in the new media of communication.
Some people worry that new media companies may over time shunt old ones aside as producers of content.
Party nominees have been elected to all five seats on a powerful new media council.
These pedagogies include using new media and service learning.
They are still influential, though librarians have modified his language to accommodate new media and contemporary usage.
We are, after all, entering a time when new media and new economic realities are reshaping our own information business.
The point is that the new media allows individuals to broadcast slanderous speech to a wide audience.
It always takes a while for the people to learn how to use the new media critically, to be able to perceive the good from the bad.
It's been in-vouge to blame new media types time and again.
Trying to use serious stats and the scientific method in the ethereal new media marketing world.
If someone can't handle the new media, they can lump it.
The great strength of new media lies in allowing those small bursts to count for something.
The media and new media focus on the extreme, and rarely report on the middle.
Such cross-connections between old and new media seem likely to become a fixture of the new journalistic landscape.
The obsession with developing new media has inhibited efforts to preserve the old.
It became a prototype of how new media could become a powerful tool in the hands of otherwise defenseless civilians.
But a new media company has a vision that's more, well, visual: it hopes to bring the concept of citizen journalism to television.
Critics argue that the new media environment will simply expand western access to global markets.
Think about how much new media has crept into your life.
Which is to say, in the argot of new media: old, slow and expensive to produce.
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