nevermind in a sentence

Example sentences for nevermind

Nevermind they were shorting equities when it happened.
Nevermind that you clearly don't understand the difference between a single roll of a die and its mean roll.
They store everything important to them there, nevermind that they should not.
Nevermind the fact that planned parenthood provides low cost birth control.
Nevermind that the scientists who study those issues have been trained for many, many years on the details and evidence.
Nevermind the hundreds of thousands of satisfied customers.
Nevermind that the giant trees were still there, along with the same architecture.
Nevermind that every day science takes another step towards explained previously unexplained phenomenon.
Nevermind the guy that came in second because he's far too white to balance the politics of this city.
Whatever beliefs or philosophies shape your values or guide your personal conduct are of no nevermind to us.
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