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At many colleges and universities, what never got built is almost as interesting as what did.
Economists theorized that markets were self-regulating and created the illusion that greed was never a problem.
In other words, our planet never stands upright-it is always leaning to the side.
The sun never gets terribly high in the sky, but it also never sets.
Choosing at the seafood counter has never been more challenging.
Imagine if every company you had never done business with required you to opt out of their junk mailings.
Having never observed a stable marriage close-up, she will have to guess how to make one work.
Using unpurified water is not a normal practice-it's never done.
First of all, performers today would never do four shows a day.
Never do in a meeting what could be handled with email.
If you've never heard of it either, you're probably not alone.
It seems to me that the only safe avenue is to never light that first cigarette.
Reservoirs along the river may never rise to previous levels.
If you've never cooked live crabs, it can seem a little intimidating.
He told students that they would hear from their preferred public college, even though they almost never did.
Due to the small available range, the wildcat has probably never numbered more than a few hundred animals.
The trick is to ensure that the fruit does not become ethylene-insensitive so that it never ripens.
Redheaded clowns will have all gotten into their tiny cars and driven away, never to return.
Never use cooking sherry or any other so-called cooking wines.
Enriching educational experiences was never significant.
Never before has the road to ruins been so much fun.
The real scientists are never invited to their little parties, and their work is never mentioned.
The incessant sound of rushing water permeates the home, yet never overwhelms.
We all loved the garden, thought it looked familiar, and wondered why we'd never photographed it for the magazine.
It is as if they both wish to return to a way that never was.
Yet in a powerful, psychic sense, they never parted.
Because the cement never gets wet enough to create a paste, there's little point in adding pigment to this type of project.
Take our quiz featuring sites that were never started, never finished, or are still undergoing construction.
At the same time, public interest in the camp has never been higher.
For some reason, the neighborhood's resident sapsuckers almost never use my suet feeder.
But when the family finally came out of the cave, they never went back to retrieve anything.
They say elephants never forget, but their brainpower does not stop there.
Scientists are trained to doubt and criticize, habits that can make their company difficult, but never dull.
You'd never know that this chocolatey, smooth frozen treat is made with low-fat milk.
Nature never holds still for us and this picture celebrates that never ending change in such a beautiful way.
It may result to immediate goal, but it will never give the whole future effect.
He mulched them with oak leaves and has never fertilized.
Lee has never discussed her output, or lack of one, publicly.
He started in high school as a dishwasher at a hotel and never looked back.
Chemical fuel is out of the question-you could never store enough of it.
The automotive industry has never been known for taking the initiative in cleaning up the environment.
The decision you make is implicit in those influences, but they have never all intersected before.
For example, reinforcement of stronger progressive taxation would never set an income cap.
It's unclear and will probably never be definitively answered.
The capacitive stylus has turned out to be surprisingly useful for a lot of things, but up until now it was never a flirting tool.
Most never get to work in firms, never mind as law partners.
Imagine you could write cheques that were accepted as payment but never cashed.
Being stuck in an elevator is never fun, but by and large when riding in one that's the biggest inconvenience you can expect.
They never connected the inclusionary programs in their community for people with disabilities with the slang they were using.
Never before had the world seen capital flight on such a scale and speed, causing financial markets and economies to collapse.
No one needs to know about your alcoholism or mental illnesses or true weaknesses, and you should never disclose them.
There are so many fearful things that happen, so much uncertainty, but they are never afraid.
It is a wonderful melange of the real and the fantastic, the never was and the never could be.
There has never been so much choice in entertainment.
But if you lose the key, or any copies you have made, you can never re-enter.
Get off the beaten path-you'll never see the world the same way again.
The story of where modern humans came from has never been cut-and-dried, but two theories occupy the forefront of the debate.
If you set out on a straight line, you would never double back without intending to do so.
He became army chief of staff, but was never promoted to the joint chiefs.
Once fertile areas of the planet become desert, never to be green again within our lifetimes.
The space was supposed to hold a lamppost, but that never showed up, so the tiny square had grown into an eyesore.
It is an eerie place where people get lost and are never heard from again.
Even if they never show up, though, people are so fond of the dinosaur that it will likely be restored anyway.
Systemic fungicides must never be used on food crops.
It has never had any truck with the government-in-exile.
At the airport the cab drivers never hustled me for my business.
Equally odd, adults can grow to nearly two feet, but never seem to leave the tunnel to eat.
Instead, construction has yet to begin-and may never happen.
The carousel of life keeps turning, in time showing sides you might never see while moving with it.
Marion and her relatives had never seen a doctor about the mirror movements.
Never underestimate the eagerness of schlock horror filmmakers to go for the easy direct-to-video cash grab.
New telescopes and satellites have shown us views of the sun that we've never seen before.
Finally, they even started attacking adults-a shocking sight never before photographed.
BolĂ­var's dream of a unified region, a place where all nations would gather to form a stronger people, never came to be.
It's so good you'll never bake a meat loaf in the oven again.
Aim to have something in bloom from early spring to late fall so that winged visitors are never without nourishment.
By the time their light might reach us it could be so disperse that it could never be detected.
Apart from that, she never fertilizes-and after four years, the garden still looks great.
These pieces of cake were never airborne-or on the dog's face.
But four years after losing her job she cannot, in her darkest moments, escape a nagging thought: she may never work again.
Ditto his promise never to hire lobbyists, and to post bills online for five days before he signed them.
He never intentionally added to the difficulty or delicacy of the charge of those who had him in hold.
They say all lovers swear more performance than they are able, and yet reserve an ability that they never perform.
During all this time it never occurred to him that he was delirious or drunk.
He who is bent on doing evil can never want occasion.
Scientific advancement has improved the lives of humans but is never recognized for doing so.
He should never be allowed to practice medicine or do research.
Ptsd can never be over diagnosed until thr research shows the particular brain difference that causes the behavior and discomfort.
Some observations may be measured but never explained with any degree of certainty.
After that there was never any mention about that mule around my daddy.
It is a skill never mastered, but only improved upon.
Water resource officials say some of the reservoirs fed by the river will never be full again.
And readers never tired of the joy of having something tasty to eat when having little or nothing to eat was more often the case.
Also, the accusations about him are never backed by facts--they are made up by people who are envious of his great success.
Despite its reputation as the default lie detector, the polygraph has never received much credibility.
It's never really caught on, though, since it seems to be a big inconvenience.
Stencil a basic measuring system onto the board cover, and you'll never need to hunt down a measuring stick.
It frames the planting so the crops never look out of control as they grow.
If you are processing this way, make sure that your lids have never been used before, as they will only seal once.
Many guests never even venture out to the rest of the island.
Using the poster as a planting plan, you could recreate this in your own garden, and never have to buy herbs again.
Mudpuppies are easily distinguishable by their bushy, red external gills, which they grow as larva and never lose.
The indri also eats something you would never think of as food.
The key to shooting at dusk is to set up early, because you never know exactly when the magic time will be.
He was not a good golfer but wanted to be, and he never could quite find the right things to say to his golfing partners.
Gonzales never intended his summaries to be made public.
Her name is on the studio's legal papers, so she was swept up into interrogations for the tax case, though she was never detained.
But it didn't spread easily among humans, and influenza specialists hoped that it never would.
Still, he had never been traded himself, and he was having some trouble accepting it.
In that tenth winter of your exile the cold never letting go of you.
He had the sensation of a great type of hole or emptiness falling through him and continuing to fall and never hitting the floor.
Though he is animated by ideas, he would never plop two characters on a sofa and have them expound rival philosophies.
Quite possibly, this silly row might never have erupted.
We never missed a mission, never failed to deliver ordnance on target.
They never messed with his peen and never messed with his fingernails.
He sits behind his screen, which he's ordered us never to touch.
Imagine a cell-phone battery that recharges in a few seconds and that you would never have to replace.
If you don't record it, it may never have an impact on the world.
As a result, many patients are misdiagnosed or never diagnosed.
But the company dragged its heals and never commercialized the technology.
Even if a taxi never encounters a slowdown, clues from the trip can indicate an underlying problem with urban planning.
You're never going to fill your tank with windmills.
Trust in our government to solve problems has deteriorated to levels never before seen.
Without realistic synthetic skin, robots will never be entirely accepted socially.
Messages sent in this way can never be cracked by an eavesdropper, no matter how powerful.
They use such different strategies, she found, that a one-size-fits-all search engine can never satisfy everyone.
Other cars have had similar acceleration problems, and it never made the news.
Scientists say a perfect green lawn that never needs mowing may soon become a reality.
Studying these animals may help us understand why some people can eat more than others and never gain weight.
The pattern is called a quasicrystal because it has an ordered structure, but the structure never repeats exactly.
Actually they continue to slow, ever approaching stopping but never actually reaching it.
It's already dying down, but you never know: there may be some activity tonight.
But for some reason, he never finished his follow-up.
In the case of the shuttle, there was every reason to think it should never have been started.
If you've never been there, words really cannot convey the magnificence of the view.
There's zero narrative, and the prisoner's facial expression never changes.
The phone to the direct line sits on display, never used.
He never intended for dwarf planets to not be considered planets at all.
Since virtually all her brain was missing, she would never be aware of her existence.
It had never looked so good, and we'd never had so many cool things for our holiday.
In other words, never before have so few done so much to so many.
He was made of flesh-taut, handsome, muscular-and never let us forget it.
Because he was busy at the time, he never got back to me on that one.
Although trends come and go, chocolate mousse never fails to impress.
They have never had high blood pressure, except when talking about their feelings.
The rough skinned, vegetarian lizards are your prey for the pan, never the smooth-skinned kind that eat insects.
Once in your mouth, a truffle's flavor blossoms, awakening taste buds you never knew you had.
Rosemary's piney scent is so particular you could never mistake it for any other herb.
My grandparents, gone but never forgotten, reappear frequently.
You've never seen such shining and well-cleaned tripe.
We have never seen one listed on a sit-down restaurant menu.
She was never a maker of ginger scallion sauce either.
No, a poem is a secret shared by people who have never met each other.
She was never at any hour of the day or night free of these consumptions, never except when she was asleep.
The difference, a factor of a thousand between the two estimates, was never reconciled and never openly discussed.
We shall never know who fashioned the word for the interval of darkness which divides the two half-lights.
Newton would never have discovered his laws by studying turbulence or snowflakes.
Never agree to deposit a check from someone you don't know and then wire money back.
It's never too late to reduce your risk of lung cancer.

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